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A warm welcome to https://www.full-immersion.com/en/ , where your desire to explore and learn becomes a reality, transforming an English course abroad into an unforgettable experience.

Our adventure began in 2010 thanks to an idea by Marco Guiotto. After working in the field of language stays in Winchester, Hampshire, under the guidance of the renowned linguist and entrepreneur Chris Polatch, Marco understood that he could develop something special: an advanced platform that combines a passion for travel, quality teaching offerings, and comprehensive support, thus becoming a compass for those navigating the world of language learning.

With the help of his friend and agent Giuliano Mischi, a brilliant polyglot and customer care expert, https://www.full-immersion.com/en/ blossomed into a multilingual community that celebrates learning without borders.

Our portal is now a crossroads of stories, dreams, and successes, driven by intuitive technology accessible to all, allowing you to book your study stay in just a few clicks, and by a series of valuable and experienced collaborators and colleagues distributed across the planet!

Enchanting Destinations

Travel to dream locations like the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland, Canada, South Africa, and Malta. Our partner schools, endorsed with the quality seal of English UK, British Council, Language Canada, English USA, FELTOM, etc., are ready to welcome you for an unparalleled learning experience!

A Mission that Speaks to the Heart and Doesn’t Cost You an Arm and a Leg! 

At https://www.full-immersion.com/en/ , we believe that learning a new language is a journey of transformation and evolution, capable of opening doors, minds, and hearts. Our mission is to make this journey accessible to everyone by carefully selecting each destination to ensure you the best possible stay at the best possible price (saving up to 5% on the course with us compared to the minimum price you find for the same offers from others).

The Voices of Our Success

The stories of those who have turned to us speak volumes: https://www.full-immersion.com/en/  is a winning choice. Thanks to the enthusiastic feedback from users, we are constantly motivated to improve, offering advantageous prices, top-quality schools, and unparalleled assistance.

A Team that Dreams Big

Our strength? An international team of experts, united by passion and experience in various fields including technology, travel, and language learning, ready to support you empathetically at every stage of your journey.

Towards New Horizons

The future? We’re tracking artificial intelligence, with our eyes fixed on the horizon of possibilities it can open to further enrich your study abroad experience.

At https://www.full-immersion.com/en/ , we don’t just offer you a seat in class. We open the doors to a new world, where every lesson is a step towards discovering yourself and the infinite nuances that make our planet an extraordinary place.

Come and discover with us. Be inspired, grow, explore. Your journey begins here, with Full-immersion.com!