A year or 6 months of english abroad for adults 18+ and 30+.

An entire year to learn English in the most immersive way, living abroad!

Academic Semester Year in English

A year abroad is ideal for those who wish to fully immerse themselves in the language of the locals – English. You would need to be at an Elementary Level of English, and be willing to live outside your country for a period of at least 24 weeks (6 months). If your ambition is to expand your career opportunities, expand your language skills, or simply want to ‘get away’ from it all and challenge yourself, then this course may be for you!
Dedicate 6 months, or a full year, to studying English in a native country. It will open countless educational and career opportunities as well as provide a personal experience that will stay with you a lifetime. If you’re willing to take up the challenge, you’ll be speaking Engish like the locals too, and you’ll gain a wealth of memories and moments with people from all over the globe!

A Year – General

UK, Malta and Canada

lessons/ week

A Year – Intensive

UK, Malta, USA, Canada

lessons/ week

A Year – Semi-Intensive

USA, Canada

lessons/ week


Suitable for Adults 18+ and 30+ of all skill levels

If you are of age and have disposable income and time (minimum of 6 months), then you may be eligible to take the ‘Year Abroad’ course. If you’d like to see the various ages and nationalities that attend this course, you can visit the individual destination pages!

A Year Abroad - All-inclusive course costs!

The year abroad includes: course materials, tutor support, workshops, educational and extra-curricular activities, preparation for internationally recognised exams, certificates/ diplomas, progress reports. Accommodation is optional, and costs vary accordingly.

Destinations worldwide!

There are various destinations you can opt to spend a year away in, and they can be found all around the globe! This course can be found in England, UK (7 cities), Malta (1 city), USA (6 cities) and Canada (3 cities)… choose from the ‘desinations’ menu above.

Certificate/ diploma

At the end of the course, all students over the age of 30, will receive a recognised diploma qualification from the school, whilst those whose ages range between 20-24 will receive a certification of merit.

Start when you want!

You can decide to start your English course abroad at any point throughout the year. There are no fixed commencement dates, and each week will bring new modules and lectures, thus providing teh flexibility so you can begin your year at your convenience!

Learn 'Real' English

Each lesson of the English course for adults focuses on specific topics, and which cover all key areas of communication: reading, writing, speaking and understanding. Each lesson prepares you for how language is used in ‘real’ life, with practical examples everyone can relate to.

Combine Destinations!

You can choose to split your studies into 2 or 3 segments – meaning you can actual travel to different desinations throughout your studies. For example, you may spend a period in London, a semester in Malta, and the remainder in Canada… what better way than the spend the year traveling and experiencing cultures?

Need a break? (2 week period)

You can choose to take a “break” of 2 weeks during particular periods, for ex. summer holidays. Students requiring Visas may have limitations, so ask for more information.

A Year In... the UK, USA, Malta or Canada?

Choose your destination below, or click on the main menu!
A Year In Bristol

Bristol (UK)

It’s been voted the best city in the UK – for its independent spirit, street art, green spaces, baking bread and drinking coffee… why not study here?
A year in London


Study English in London for a year…a bustling metropolis,full of at
tractions and timeless sights…
Anno all'estero Malta Saint Julian

Saint Julians (Malta)

A unique experience! Spend 24-48 weeks in this vibrant town in Malta – right in the heart of the only English-speaking island in the Mediterranean!
A Year In Valletta Malta

Valletta (Malta)

Overflowing with history, this splendid World Heritage Site is the capital of the island of Malta. You cannot help but immerse yourself this city, which is truly an open-air museum!
A Year In Toronto


This is the most multi-cultural city in the world! Super clean, super safe, and when it comes to it’s food culture, it gives everywhere else a run for its money.
A Year In New York

New York

How tempting is it to spend a year in the famous Big Apple? Discover the city that never sleeps with thousands of other students!

English Course Programme for the Year

This course is comprised of a variety of elements within the English language, which allows you to become familiar with the language in all forms. The course is targeted and building your skills quickly and efficiently, with a focus on all key areas of language communication:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Reading

The support you receive is complete, and you will be guided and led by one of our tutors throughout your course. You can monitor the progress of your language level during tutorial sessions, homework and tests. The first day opens with the initial session, where you will be given a test in order to assess your language level. You will thereafter be assigned to a specific class, consisting of 10-12 international students who are at your same language level. This is followed by a welcome induction, where you will get to meet all the new students, teachers, coordinators and your personal tutor. You’ll also receive your own personal portfolio, a uniquely designed programme that takes into account your own objectives, needs and requirements.

Lessons are practical and engaging

Teachers select the topics of the course and provide them to the class in an effective, engaging and interavtive manner. You will learn the essential elements used in everyday life, and improve your grammar, pronunciation, conversation skills and so on.

Teaching materials are new and modern...and ongoing

The textbooks and materials used in the classroom are modern, yet all material is complemented by further resources, such as newspapers, magazines, videos and internet – all of which are essential when you are fully immersed in the English language.

Practice in an active and dynamic environment

Thanks to the full support and encouragement of your teacher and classmates, you’ll soon develop the confidence to participate in the sessions. The teachers you shall meet are professional, friendly and native speakers and will always make you feel welcome. The students are energetic and eager to learn, and come from all corners of the world!

Listen, understand and respond faster

You will be able to develop your processing of information, therefore allowing you to improve your understanding of a conversation, as well as increase your response time. Reducing the amount of processing time allows for more free-flowing conversation and makes it more engaging and enjoyable.

Teachers and staff are always available

The staff and teachers continuously strive to make your stay better. They are there to provide encouragement and support whenever you need it! The atmosphere created by the personnel is warm, friendly and welcoming, providing a great learning environment.

Constant tutoring...

You will get to meet your personal tutor on a regular basis, be able to participate in classroom tutorials and the Director of Studies will also monitor your progress. This will allow you to improve your learning both on a personal level, and a social level.

Preparation for IELTS, TOEFL or ESOL included

If you have opted to spend a year away learning, then this will also allow you the time to devote to the preparation of certain qualifications – IELS, TOEFL or Cambridge ESOL. You can pre-set dates for exams by contacting the school.

If You’re Age 30+

If you fall under this group then you will also have the opportunity to integrate your course with other ‘elective’ modules, which you can choose yourself. Some sample modules are below:

  • Communication and Comparative Cultures
  • Write Now!
  • Basic Writing Skills
  • Sociology of Media
  • Film Criticism
  • A World of Words
  • Let’s Talk!
  • Others…

Those who complete the elective courses will be given a certificate of recognition. Each elective course module is about 4 weeks. The basis of final evaluation will be on a project or assignment given by the teacher.

Diploma or Certificate

Upon completion of your year abroad, all students receive a certificate/diploma. For students who are 30+, a un diploma will be issued. Students who are under that age will receive a certificate of merit.

Your Language Portfolio

At the commencement of the course, you will be given a personal portfolio. This tool allows you to optimise your learning in a various number of ways:

  • By considering your methods of study and suggesting alternative strategies to make the best use of your strengths
  • By monitoring and measuring progress throughout your year abroad via tests and homework which assess your needs and objectives.
  • By evaluating your experiences, your skills and your goals

Your language portfolio will be compiled, analysed and monitored by your personal tutor and the Director of Studies.

A Typical Day

An overview of the schedules of the English courses for adults

Lessons from Monday to Friday

Lessons are held from Monday to Friday, with each lesson lasting between 45-50 minutes (depending on your chosen location), and focusing on a particular skill:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Reading

The lessons alternate between two different teachers, which provides you with the opportunity to compare pronunciations and colloquialisms. You will be provided with a textbook on the first Wednesday of your course, and other supplementary materials throughout the course duration.
After scheduled lessons, you can choose to participate in further educational workshops, including pronunciation workshops, or social activities which take place both in afternoons and/or evenings. For more information, view and follow the EXTRA section.

First Day (Monday)

Day one starts with a reception and registration process, which is followed by a short English language test that assesses your level of English. After your first and second English lessons, you’ll be able to enjoy a tour of the area and socialise at a fun welcome event! Times on the below schedule may vary, depending on your chosen destination:

  • 08:30 Reception and Registration
  • 09:00 English Language Test
  • 10:45 First English Language Lesson
  • 12:45 Second English Language Lesson
  • 14:30 Guided Area Tour
  • 15:30 “Welcome Pack” Session*
  • 16.00 Welcome Event**

*The Welcome Pack is a manual containing information on the city, your class schedule, academic information and various events relating to leisure or extra-curricular activities.

**The Welcome Event will be held at a local pub or cafe, where you can enjoy a free drink whilst in the company of other new students. The staff will inform you about the week’s activities and give you some tips on must-see locations to visit!

Tuesday Onwards…

The second day follows a more structured routine. For example:


  • 9:00-10:30 Lessons
  • 10:30-10:45 Break
  • 10:45-00:15 Lessons


  • 12:15-12:45 Lunch
  • 12:45-14:15 Lessons (Only for those following an Intensive Course)

In peak season, lessons alternate between mornings and midday lessons. (For ex: Mon: Mornings; Tue: Afternoons; Wed: Mornings; Thurs: Afternoons; Fri: Mornings) + lessons from 12.45-14:15 every day if you have selected a course of 30 lessons per week).


  • 14:30-16:00 Lessons
  • 16:00-16:15 Break
  • 16:15-17:45 Lessons

Each English Course Includes Extra-Curricular Activities!

Don't miss the opportunity to participate in the numerous extra-curricular activities offered by the school...

Each English Course includes a variety of educational and social activities for free, which are specifically designed to promote linguistic practice and socialising. Activities are ongoing, and differ from week to week, involving teachers and participating adult students that come from all around the world. There are also varied activities such as concerts and movie nights that can be purchased directly at the school, so make sure you enquire! Among the free activities, you’ll find:

  • Pronunciation Classes specific to your country of origin
  • Arts and Cultural Evenings
  • Specialised meetings to enhance motivation and participation
  • Guided Tours of surrounding areas and local markets
  • Focus Groups for conversation practice in a social and relaxed environment
  • School Library containing modern books and media for individual studies and research

…Keep an eye out on the school not
ice boards…each week you’ll find updates to events and activities being held, so don’t miss out!

Sample Calendar

Where do YOU want to learn?

General/ Intensive Courses are available in all cities, the Semi-Intensive Course is only in the USA and Canada!