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Tips, tricks and links - Independent accommodation

No matter why you're after an independent accommodation, maybe that was your first choice anyway, or you simply couldn't find anything available through the school... When the time to find a private accommodation comes, there are some tips and tricks that might come in handy. Find out more about the portals we use to find accommodation abroad for our own team
  • Airbnb.com: CLICK
  • Booking.com: CLICK
  • Homestay.com: CLICK

Other info

1-Beware of reviews!

If you book directly from a private individual through one of the accommodation booking platforms mentioned on this page, pay attention to the reviews of other travellers and always be wary of ads that have no reviews.

2-Source availability

The various hotel establishments upload a limited number of rooms to the platforms, we suggest you write down the name of the hotel you are interested in and search for it on Google, then contact it directly and you may find that you can book it on better terms.

3-Use Google Maps

A great tool for deciding whether or not to book accommodation is the distance of the accommodation from the school. Enter the address of the accommodation on google maps and then enter the address of the school, click on 'directions' and you will immediately see the route on foot, by car and by public transport.