CAE Test and Certification

CAE, or Certificate in Advanced English, is the second certificate you can achieve following the FCE qualification (and one level below the CPE qualification).  Those who successfully obtain this certification have advanced knowledge of the English language and a vocabulary of over 5000+ words. They can confidently follow a university degree/ course or professional career which hold a high English language requirement. CAE is considered extremely valuable for non-native speakers who are looking to provide certification of their language ability.

Advantages of CAE Certification?

  • The certification has no expiry date and is valid for years to come!
  • It is recognised by companies, institutions and universities world-wide.
  • Registration for the exam costs approximately €150 (prices may vary according to exam centre)

CAE Exam Information

The CAE exam consists of 4 areas of assessment, each constituting 25% of the global mark. There are 3 results that qualify as ‘successful’ – A, B, C. The certification is only issued to candidates who obtain these scores. Anything below this would not meet the required standard and would not qualify for certification. The Written tests are sent directly to the University of Cambridge for assessment. The Speaking test, however, is evaluated during the exam by two qualified professionals accredited by Cambridge ESOL. Candidates will receive a certificate confirming achievement (provided the above scores are met).

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1. Reading and Use of English Test (90 mins)

Once 2 separate test areas, it has now been combined into a single test evaluating language proficiency, comprehension and reading skills. This is assessed by utilizing excerpts from books, newspapers, magazines and other modern resources. The test consists of completing missing words, using synonyms, construction of complete sentences and detection of errors within given texts.

CAE , examination and certification of international English , preparation courses abroad , writing

2. Writing Test (90 mins)

The CAE Writing Test is designed to assess the candidate’s ability to write  and mold different types of texts into their own words by making use of their existing English language knowledge. The text may be presented in an array of formats, which could include emails, letter, reports, business cases, reviews and so on.

CAE , examination and certification of international English , preparation courses abroad , listening

3. Listening Test (40 mins)

The Listening Test evaluates an individual’s ability to understand conversations about a variety of topics and how meaning and key points are extrapolated. Candidates may be presented with situational texts that could include interviews, radio shows, advertising, presentations covering different topics.

CAE , examination and certification of international English , preparation courses abroad , speaking

4. Speaking Test (15 mins)

The CAE Speaking test requires the candidate to have a conversation or discussion with 2 certified examiners, as well as a third independent assessor. This type of interaction is as close to a real-life situation as it can get, and candidates are given particular general topics to be discussed.

CAE Exam Results

Candidates will receive an email approximately 2-4 weeks after sitting for the CAE exam. Direct access for each students is granted via the Cambridge English Language Assessment Online Results Service. The access details will be disclosed after you have registered online for the exam, which will then allow you to check the results once published.

CAE Exam Preparation Course

The CAE preparation course gives you the ability to learn the best methods and approach so as to obtain the CAE. Teachers are all qualified Cambridge ESOL professionals, ready to assist and guide you throughout the duration of the course. They will help you to identify your strengths and areas of improvement, whilst equipping you with ways on how to bridge any language gaps.

Student performance throughout the CAE preparation course is continuously evaluated. A programme of study is developed for each student, allowing them to take responsibility for their own growth. Your teachers will endeavor to make every effort to keep supporting and encouraging you, whilst ensuring you are provided with a stimulating and engaging learning environment.

Skills and Strategies

In order to obtain the CAE, it is necessary to have more than a basic understanding of the English language. Th CAE preparation course delves beyond generic details, and focuses on 4 key areas of the English language – speaking, writing, reading and listening.  This course focuses on techniques and methods to improve your oral expression, approach to listening, writing skills, conversational dialogue and comprehension of the language. Under the guidance of qualified professionals, you will have the opportunity to set your own goals and expectations, and individual meetings will be allocated. Teachers are present to maintain support and a warm environment for students to learn and develop in, and will ensure to track your progress.

Obtaining the CAE allows you to reach a standard of English that is adequate for most purposes, including social and professional situations, and in higher education. CAE is ideal if you would like the opportunity to work or study abroad, or perhaps develop a career which requires language skills (e.g. business, medicine, engineering). The CAE preparation course eases the pathway to achieving certification, and is also useful preparation if you are working towards CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English).

Where can I take the CAE Test?

The certification has no expiry date, and allows you to take a preparation course and sit for the CAE exam at your own convenience. Every organisation/ institution requires a minimum score before sitting for the CAE. Be sure to check what the score is, so that you can plan your course in advance, leaving plenty of time for preparation and studies.

How can I prepare for the CAE Test?

One way to prepare is to actually take a CAE Preparation Course! We would suggest that you follow a proper and professional CAE preparation course, that encompasses sample papers of previous years as well as questions that have been developed by experts of international certifications. The CAE Preparation Courses are designed and specifically aimed at achieving this particular qualification. You will be guided and supported throughout by qualified and experienced professionals.

Where can I attend a CAE Preparation Course?

We would always recommend attending a course such as this in a country where English is a mother-tongue. Be sure to select a school or institution that is accredited and has a preparation courses specifically for CAE. Our schools currently offer this course in over 20 destinations, including UK, Malta, USA and Canada. You can find more details by clicking on the links below.

How much does the CAE Test cost?

The cost of a CAE Preparation course will depend on the duration and destination you would like to choose. You can take a look at our prices on each individual destination page, or you may also wish to check out our comparison chart.

Prices and destinations CAE English Exam preparation

The form below allows you to browse the various course prices in different destinations. You can simply send yourself a quote, or even make a direct reservation. The form can be found at the bottom of your selected destination page.