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English course in Cape Town

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Information on the English School in Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the most exhilarating places in the world, and the second most populous city in South Africa! This metropolis is home to more than three million people (who speak 11 different languages!).

The city is a paradise for lovers of the outdoor lifestyle, partly thanks to its subtropical climate and the endless list of outdoor sports and adventure that Cape Town provides. Students from across the world travel here for their education, and some of the most renowned universities in the world can be found here.

The home city of Nelson Mandela has earned its place in Olympus as one of the “best destinations in the world” to take an English course!

The English school in Cape Town is located in the heart of this vibrant city, surrounded by shops, bars and restaurants. It’s a short walk to the lively and famous Long Street and the exciting V&A Waterfront. 

Located in the heart of Cape Town, in a building that is part of the South African architectural heritage, you can easily reach the lively and famous Long Street and the exciting V & A Waterfront. If you want to enjoy an English course in Cape Town from an excellent location, centrally located, surrounded by local shops, bars and restaurants to relax at after lessons, this is definitely the right choice!

Although it is not exclusively over 30, this destination is definitely suitable for adult students of 30, 40 or 50 years. The institute offers 12 spacious and bright classrooms for international students, a lounge , study room, library, and an exceptionally social and cultural program with something to suit every student’s needs! They will provide you with a warm welcome and a fantastic atmosphere in which to study. 

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  • English course and materials
  • Accommodation (optional)
  • International welcome!
  • Support available every day
  • Certificate of frequency and level


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Choose your English course in Cape Town

General or Intensive English Course in Cape Town

20, 30 lessons per week - All levels - Flexible duration

[+] This English course teaches students practical English through thematic, interactive and engaging lessons. The program covers all four communication skills: reading, writing, oral expression and comprehension. Included in the course price is also a variety of useful and fun extra-curricular activities and workshops, an ideal way to socialize with classmates and practice your English in Cape Town and other nearby destinations! >> Read more

English for Work in Cape Town for Adults

30 lessons per week - from Pre-Intermediate - flexible duration

[+] A well-balanced combination of simulations, tutorials, and thematic lessons are used in this English course in Cape Town. Students learn in a practical and engaging way the language to negotiate a contract, manage human resources, and present business scenarios… you’ll learn how to deal with international work environments, give advice and warnings, and solve problems. This course is devoted exclusively to motivated adult students. >> Read more

English in the City in Cape Town

30 lessons per week - from Pre-intermediate (only if close to Intermediate) - flexible duration

[+] This practical English Course is well-structured and grants you the opportunity to explore the language whilst discovering what the city has to offer. This formal approach, combined with the informal, provides a basis on which to begin practicing English in everyday life. You will be starting conversations in no time! The English ‘In the City’ Course delivers a stimulating environment for students. >> Read more

One to One Lessons in Cape Town

5-40 lessons per week - All levels - 1 lesson = 60 minutes

[+] To make the most of your studying in Cape Town you can integrate some individual English lessons with your group course. Thanks to individually tailored lessons, you will have a double advantage: you can interact with other students in the morning classes, then focus on your individual improvement in the afternoon. Having a tutor at your disposal is very useful. You can focus on your weaknesses (comprehension, speaking, writing, reading, etc.) or develop target vocabulary. >> Read more

IELTS Exam Preparation Course in Cape Town

20 or 30 lessons per week - from Intermediate - flexible duration

[+] The goal of the IELTS Preparation Course is to provide you with the techniques necessary to achieve the best possible result. Teachers will guide and support you throughout and the course also utilises exam past papers so that you are prepared for what appears on the test. The IELTS Preparation Course offers the opportunity to learn in a structured and precise manner, giving you a better understanding of texts, context, generic meaning and vocabulary! >> Read more

Certify your study stay in Cape Town

What certificates can you get?

At the end of your English language course you will receive a certificate of participation stating the dates, the type of course and the language level you have achieved. This certificate of partecipation is a nice addition to your CV. Remember that to get your level certified and recognised internationally, you will have to take a test like the IELTS or TOEFL, for example. You can apply for your examination directly at school, there are normally 2 sessions every month.

Are you also looking for accommodation?

Tips, tricks and links - Independent accommodation

Distance to School (approximately): - Room type:

[+] No matter why you're after an independent accommodation, maybe that was your first choice anyway, or you simply couldn't find anything available through the school... When the time to find a private accommodation comes, there are some tips and tricks that might come in handy. Find out more about the ... >> Read more


Distance to School (approximately): 12 - 14 minutes walking - Room type: Single room, breakfast only

[+] This is the perfect solution for students wishing to be in close proximity to other students studying at the school. The apartments are the most cost-effective solution in comparison to renting your own apartment or a hotel. You will find them equipped with everything – kitchen, bathrooms, laundry ... >> Read more

Host Family

Distance to School (approximately): 25 - 55 minutes public transport - Room types: Single room, half board, private bathroom - Single room, half board

[+] Staying with a host family offers you a unique and unforgettable experience – a cultural exchange which will leave you with lasting memories. You’ll be staying at the home of a local family, where you’ll have your own room (single or twin on request) in a sociable and hospitable environment. T ... >> Read more

Extra activities, learn while having fun!

What extra activities are available for the students in Cape Town

Each English Course includes a variety of educational and social activities for free, which are specifically designed to promote linguistic practice and socializing. Activities are ongoing and differ from week to week, involving teachers and participating adult students that come from all around the world. There are also varied activities such as concerts and movie nights that can be purchased directly at the school, so make sure you inquire! Among the free activities, you'll find:

  • Pronunciation Classes;
  • Arts and Food Cultural Evenings;
  • Sports, Walking and Hiking;
  • Guided Tours of surrounding areas and local markets;
  • Focus Groups for conversation practice;
Each week you'll find updates to events and activities being held on the school notice boards.

Why study English in Cape Town

Find out why this destination may be the right choice for you!

Cape Town, affectionately renamed “Mother City” by the locals, has been classified as the best place in the world to visit in recent years. Founded in 1652, it is the oldest city in South Africa. There are plenty of places worth exploring in Cape Town, but one thing we can definitely recommend is a trip to Kruger National Park. Who wouldn’t want to catch a glimpse of a lion or a leapord? Rhinoceros or an African elephant, perhaps?

Take a breath-taking trip by cable car up to the stunning Table Mountain National Park, which is home to more plant species than the U.K. and New Zealand combined! Enjoy the amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean and the city beneath you. Visit the fascinating, yet tragic, Robben Island where Nelson Mandela served part of his 27-year prison sentence. Thousands of visitors flock to this island every year to honour and understand some of the most important social and political aspects of the history of South Africa. 

Statistics, some interesting numbers


Does this English course meet what someone of your age and nationality needs? Check it out by comparing the facts.

  • BRAZILIAN20 % 20 %
  • SAUDI ARABIAN19 % 19 %
  • SWISS18 % 18 %
  • OTHER12 % 12 %
  • YEMENI10 % 10 %
  • FRENCH6 % 6 %
  • ANGOLAN7 % 7 %
  • GERMAN4 % 4 %
  • TURKISH3 % 3 %
  • ITALIAN2 % 2 %
  • EGYPTIAN1% 1%

Age groups

If you are a student aged between 16 and 18 and are seriously interested in our courses, we may accept your enrollment by evaluating your motivation. In this case, you will need to stay with an authorized guardian or with a host family in a single room with half-board (or in a twin room if you are traveling with a peer of the same sex). A signed consent form is also required, and you must arrange round-trip airport transfers if your arrival and departure are scheduled between 8:00 PM and 8:00 AM. For more details or to discuss your specific situation, please do not hesitate to contact us: we are here to help you find the best solution for your study experience.

  • 16-172 % 2 %
  • 18-2963 % 63 %
  • 30+ 40+ 50+35% 35%

Structure and timetable of English course in Cape Town

First day in Cape Town

The first day begins at 08:30 with reception, registration and a short language test. The test is nothing to worry about, it’s specifically designed to put you in a class with other students of a similar level to yours. The test will be followed by a session / welcome speech, the handing out of the teaching calendar and other activities, and possibly lessons.

Welcome Package Tipically, on your first day of English course in Cape Town students get a welcome package, including a manual with information about Cape Town , the schedule of classes, some detailed information about your English course in Cape Town , suggestions for free time activities, a list of extra learning activities, the school regulations and some important contact information including the emergency telephone number of the school (which you can contact 24 hours a day during your entire stay).

Welcome Event On the first day of your course  you are invited to a welcome event. This is an excellent opportunity for you to meet other students on your English course and from the school.


As of your second day, you will start with regular classes. You can choose the "morning" timetable (green border - your level has to be at least Elementary) or the standard timetable (black border). With the standard timetable, you will have alternating free time – one day in the afternoon and the next day in the morning (Double Banking).

Useful information about Cape Town

Not to be missed!

  • Table Mountain
  • Victoria & Alfred Waterfront
  • Robben Island
  • Boulders Beach
  • Cape Winelands
  • The Lion’s Head
  • Whale watching!
  • Weekend Safari
  • Cape Town Harbour

How to get around Cape Town

The best way to travel lightweight and securely, is to use your mobile and Google Maps to organize your commutes, you probably use it already, but just in case… try it out here: Google maps. 
Also, in most English speaking countries worldwide you can use private transport services such as Uber and Bolt. Please try them out, you will find the Apps on your mobile App store, most students use these services to commute from and to school, sharing the rides with their class mates.

Cost of living, some examples

  • Big Mac €2.50
  • Sandwich €2.50
  • Can of Coca Cola €1.00
  • Coffee in a cafe €2.00
  • 1 litre of milk €0.66
  • 2 litres of water €1.55
  • Loaf of bread €0.60
  • Two-course meal in an average restaurant €12.00 – €15.00
  • SIM card cost €8.00
  • Cinema ticket €4.90 (Wednesdays €2.20)
  • Entrance to clubs €5.00

Visas and travel documents

What requirements are there to study in Cape Town

Do you need a visa?

  • YES if you are from Hungary, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia.
  • NO For other nationalities, visitor's visas are typically granted for 90 days on arrival, extendable for another 90 days. Longer studies require a Study Visa. Official detailed information and exceptions HERE.
General guidelines* for when a visa is required:
  1. Book Your Course in Advance: Plan your course well in advance to ensure availability.
  2. Medical Insurance: If you don't have medical insurance, you can obtain it through our website.
  3. Financial Proof: Prepare proof of direct access to sufficient funds to cover your stay, as required by immigration rules.
  4. Payment: Pay at least 30% of the total package cost (it will be fully refunded if your Visa application is rejected and you notify the school in time).
  5. Visa Documentation: Await the LoA (Invitation) from your chosen school.
  6. Visa Interview: Book your visa interview at the respective embassy or consulate.
*For official detailed procedures, refer to the South African Embassy.

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