English Course in Edinburgh for Adults 18+ and Over 30

English course in Edinburgh

Immerse yourself in the English language in Scotland’s capital!

Information on the English School in Edinburgh

Scotland’s capital city boasts historic wonder as well as physical beauty, allowing you to enjoy every moment of your English course here. With a small population of just 500,000, this safe and hospitable city is home to all social and cultural attractions, with something for everyone to love. There is a wide variety of museums, art galleries, theatres, cafes, shopping areas, restaurants, hotels and bars, never leaving you short of interesting ways to spend your free time. The friendly locals, natural beauty and rich history will leave you wanting to return long after your English course has finished.

The School (an official Trinity test centre) can be found in a sophisticated building, equipped with all the modern facilities you could need – giving you a taste of historical Britain combined with the comforts of contemporary technology.

With 13 bright, large classrooms (with a maximum of 15 students each) equipped with interactive whiteboards, a student lounge, study centre and free Wi-Fi throughout the school, you will certainly feel at home throughout your English course! The school is located right in the midst of the entertainment hub, just a few minutes’ walk from the popular shopping area Princes Street, as well as the city’s most famous landmark – Edinburgh Castle.

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Choose your English course in Edinburgh

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Certify your study stay in Edinburgh

What certificates can you get?

At the end of your English language course you will receive a certificate of participation stating the dates, the type of course and the language level you have achieved. This certificate of partecipation is a nice addition to your CV. Remember that to get your level certified and recognised internationally, you will have to take a test like the IELTS or TOEFL, for example. You can apply for your examination directly at school, there are normally 2 sessions every month.

Are you also looking for accommodation?

Tips, tricks and links - Independent accommodation

Distance to School (approximately): - Room type:

[+] No matter why you're after an independent accommodation, maybe that was your first choice anyway, or you simply couldn't find anything available through the school... When the time to find a private accommodation comes, there are some tips and tricks that might come in handy. Find out more about the ... >> Read more

Fountain Bridge - Residence (MINIMUM 2 WEEKS)

Distance to School (approximately): 7 - 9 minutes cycling, 30 - 35 minutes walking, 10 - 12 minutes Uber, 15 - 17 minutes public transport - Room type: Single Room, Private Bathroom, Shared Kitchen

[+] This residence offers 5 bed cluster flats where you will have a private bathroom and bedroom but share your kitchen and living area with your fellow students. Communal facilities include a pool table, movie room and an onsite gym. There is also a courtyard, perfect for sunny days! >> Read more

Arran House - Residence

Distance to School (approximately): 9 - 10 minutes cycling, 30 - 32 minutes walking, 10 - 12 minutes Uber, 10 - 12 minutes public transport - Room type: Single Room, Private Bathroom, Shared Kitchen

[+] The residence has en-suite bathrooms and hosts frequent social events in the common areas. Dedicated study areas and meeting rooms will help with your learning and the gaming room will help you relax after a long day of studying! You will have 24 hour security and a concierge to help with any reques ... >> Read more

Host Family

Distance to School (approximately): 20 - 40 minutes public transport - Room types: Single room, half board, private bathroom - Single room, half board - Twin room, half board (only available for 2 students traveling together)

[+] Staying with a host family offers you a unique and unforgettable experience – a cultural exchange which will leave you with lasting memories. You’ll be staying at the home of a local family, where you’ll have your own room (single or twin on request) in a sociable and hospitable environment. T ... >> Read more

Extra activities, learn while having fun!

What extra activities are available for the students in Edinburgh

Each English Course includes a variety of educational and social activities for free, which are specifically designed to promote linguistic practice and socializing. Activities are ongoing and differ from week to week, involving teachers and participating adult students that come from all around the world. There are also varied activities such as concerts and movie nights that can be purchased directly at the school, so make sure you inquire! Among the free activities, you'll find:

  • Pronunciation Classes;
  • Arts and Food Cultural Evenings;
  • Sports, Walking and Hiking;
  • Guided Tours of surrounding areas and local markets;
  • Focus Groups for conversation practice;
Each week you'll find updates to events and activities being held on the school notice boards.

Why study English in Edinburgh

Find out why this destination may be the right choice for you!

Few cosmopolitan cities in the world can compete with what Edinburgh has to offer students! Edinburgh has won the prestigious “12 Best Cities Award” several times. This beautiful city is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, mountains, lakes and valleys.

Edinburgh also hosts a series of major events every year, with the most popular being the Fringe Festival. Sporting activities and cultural events take place all year round, including theatre events, dance, rugby matches, football games and so on. All this will make your English course in Edinburgh a lot more exciting! Be sure to visit Edinburgh Zoo, the famous castle, Loch Ness or the stunning view from Arthur’s Seat.

Whatever your tastes, you’ll be spoiled for choice! Edinburgh is a small city compared to other cities in the UK, but the vibrant, easy to explore and safe city makes it huge in terms of attraction. All this makes it the perfect place to host students from all over the world. In addition, the international airport and train station connect the city with the rest of the UK and to many European and international destinations.

Statistics, some interesting numbers


Does this English course meet what someone of your age and nationality needs? Check it out by comparing the facts.

  • OTHER21 % 21 %
  • ITALY13 % 13 %
  • SPAIN12 % 12 %
  • GERMANY10 % 10 %
  • SAUDI ARABIA9 % 9 %
  • BRAZIL8 % 8 %
  • SWITZERLAND7 % 7 %
  • FRANCE5 % 5 %
  • CHINA4% 4%

Age groups

Here the age goups at the English school in Edinburgh:

  • 18-29
70 % 70 %
  • 30+ 40+ 50+30% 30%

Structure and timetable of English course in Edinburgh

First day in Edinburgh

The first day begins at 08:30 with reception, registration and a short language test. The test is nothing to worry about, it’s specifically designed to put you in a class with other students of a similar level to yours. The test will be followed by a session / welcome speech, the handing out of the teaching calendar and other activities, and possibly lessons.

Welcome Package Tipically, on your first day of English course in Edinburgh students get a welcome package, including a manual with information about Edinburgh, the schedule of classes, some detailed information about your English course in Edinburgh, suggestions for free time activities, a list of extra learning activities, the school regulations and some important contact information including the emergency telephone number of the school (which you can contact 24 hours a day during your entire stay).

Welcome Event On the first day of your course  you are invited to a welcome event. This is an excellent opportunity for you to meet other students on your English course and from the school.


As of your second day, you will start with the regular timetable. For courses of 20 lessons/week, it typically starts at about 09:00 am up until 12:30, with a coffee break in the middle. For courses of 30 lessons/week, the timetable also includes an afternoon session, typically from 13:30 up to 15:00. 

NOTE: At certain times (often in the High Season), the school opts for a “Double Banking” time table, this means that your lessons will be held in the morning one day, and in the afternoon the day after. Naturally, the overall amount of lessons you booked will be completed.

Useful information about Edinburgh

Not to be missed!

  • Edinburgh Castle
  • J.K Rowling’s Edinburgh Tour
  • The Underground Edinburgh
  • Real Mary King’s Close

  • Arthur’s Seat
  • The Scott Monument
  • Scottish Highlands Tour

How to get around Edinburgh

The best way to travel lightweight and securely, is to use your mobile and Google Maps to organize your commutes, you probably use it already, but just in case… try it out here: Google maps. 
Also, in most English speaking countries worldwide you can use private transport services such as Uber and Bolt. Please try them out, you will find the Apps on your mobile App store, most students use these services to commute from and to school, sharing the rides with their class mates.

Cost of living, some examples

  • McDonald's Meal: £5.50
  • Main Course in an average restaurant: £12.00
  • Soft drink 33cl: £1.30
  • Pint of beer: £4.20
  • Snack: £1.50-£2.50
  • Coffee: £2.00
  • Cinema ticket: £11.00
  • SIM Card: £10

Visas and travel documents

What requirements are there to study in Edinburgh

If you are NOT European
For you there are no changes with Brexit, everything remains as before, click on: requirements

If you ARE European
Here's what changes:

Until 1 October 2021, you can continue to travel to the UK without a visa, but you will need your passport or valid identity card. You must also have health insurance, see below.
After 1 October 2021, you will only be able to visit the UK if you have your passport and an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA). The authorisation will be obtained very easily, directly online. Updates will be provided in due course. You will need to have health insurance, info below.

The European Health Insurance Card will not be valid after 1 January 2021, so you can add private health insurance to your booking on our website, when available, or make your own arrangements. Health insurance allows you to claim for reimbursement of any health costs you are required to pay in the UK.

For more info click on: requirements

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