The best english course to help you succeed in a global work environment

English for Work Course

The English Course for Work is one of the most requested “combined” language courses. It is very popular with European students aged between 24 and 45 years. An extremely useful course, it is a mix of :

  • Business English
  • General English

You’ll develop fluency, confidence and communication skills of high quality. If you follow this course with the right amount of attention, you will accrue the knowledge and skills needed for today’s international jobs  . It is the ideal course if you want to be able to communicate fluently in an international working environment, if you are thinking about changing jobs or looking to increase your chances of finding a better job. This English course is ideal if you aim to succeed in the world of commerce and business. ­

English Course for Work

Technical Vocabulary and Work Simulations

30 lesson per week. NOTE: In some destinations 26 or 28 lessons per week, check your destination for more info


Business English

During your 10 lessons per week of business English you will learn the technical language used to negotiate a contract, manage human resources, branding and marketing strategies . You will also learn how to provide your opinion in an international working environment through practical exercises, lessons and topics. You’ll even learn the vocabulary used in the field of project management and terminology used by those involved in company budgets. You’ll discover how to give warnings and advice, how to present different scenarios and solutions … All essential skills in the labour world.

Comprehension (Written and Spoken)

Here initially you’ll start with texts and dialogues related to topics from the working world: manufacturing, administration, human resources, sales, marketing, stock exchange and finance. In this way you will assimilate new expressions and a technical vocabulary. To do this each student (individually or as a team with a partner) examines a text or a proposed dialogue, then answers a questionnaire aimed at verifying their level of understanding . The teacher of the English for Work course plays a key role in this process, by providing explanations, explanations and examples of meanings, context and functions of words as well as introducing new expressions.

Abilities (Reading and Speaking)

The best way to become familiar these languages is to practice, to make mistakes, analyse their cause and correct them. Teachers of the “English for Work” course focus strongly on the participation of students and create a relaxed but stimulating enviroment: all students should feel free to ask questions and give their opinions (from their professional experience and perspective ) . The classes are made up of international students from around the world, this allows you to take advantage of cultural diversity and different work experiences as an opportunity to make the lessons more interesting and challenging.

Simulations (Written and Spoken)

Simulating real situations, typical of common working environments, these scenarios will test the skills you acquire during the course. Students in the “English for Work” course will deepen the subjects introduced individually in class and / or prepare presentations making use of software ( eg Power Point ) . You will then present your work to the rest of the class that will be then invited to ask questions and ask for explanations from you. The teacher also performs real-time analysis of the language used during these presentations and provides you and the other students with real time feedback, indicating the most common mistakes and suggesting the most appropriate expressions and vocabulary used within your industry.

General English

The English course for Work includes a good part of the General English course and thanks to the intensive practice of English in the four key areas of communication (writing, reading, speaking and understanding) You will acquire all the information necessary to express yourself effectively. With practice and study you will then be able to write reports and give presentations to clients with confidence, precision and ease.

Learn Real English

Every lesson of the English for Work Course in London is focused on a specific theme, you’ll be taught practical English thats useable for you and at the same time you’ll improve your comprehension, reading, writing and conversation

Practical lessons based on current themes

The themes and focuses of the English for work courses in London are updated every week and proposed in an interactive and involving way, introducing one by one new vocabulary and idioms

Listen, understand and respond faster

If your problem is the time you need to understand whats being said and structure an answer; You’ll learn to speed up the entire process. Reducing the time to elaborate your response will simplify and make comunicating in English way more fun letting you enjoy the conversations.

Staff and Teachers always at your service

The staff and teachers are always at your disposal to give you support, advice and encouragement when you need it. The pleasant ambience and the constant presence of friendly motivated teachers, guarantee you a productive and serene course.

All course materials are included

In addition to the textbooks used for the English for Work Course, your studies are always supplemented by various “extra” learning resources.  Such as videos, reviews, newspapers, the internet, magazines and more. Which in turn giving you a better and current view of English for work in action

Practice in an active and dynamic way

You’ll get to participate actively in the lessons, supported constantly by your teacher and classmates. You’ll soon be able to be part of the discussion, there no better way to practice and improve. The teachers are always attentive  and ready to guide you with advice, help and corrections of pronunciation and more

Typical Day Plan

On overview of the course's timetable and hours

Lessons from Monday to Friday

Lessons are held Monday to Friday, every pair of lessons  (45′-50′ a lesson, depending on the destination) covers a module corrisponding to a particular language ability or skill:

  • Listening 
  • Speaking 
  • Writing 
  • Reading

During the week the English for Work course is held by two separate and different teachers, therefore you’ll have way to appreciate and learn the different ways and styles of pronunciation. The first Wednesday of your course you’ll recieve your school book and succesively one by one you’ll recieve other integrated learning materials.

At the end of your lessons for the day you will be able to choose to participate in after school social activities during the late afternoons and evenings that function as laboratories for you to test and learn your
even further. For further information see the following “EXTRA” section.

First Day (Monday)

Starting with reception and registration, followed by a brief linguistic test and a welcome and orientation session. General Schedule (Varies depending on season):

  • 08:30 Reception and Registration
  • 09:00 Linguistic Test
  • 10:45 First lesson of the English for Work course
  • 15 minute break
  • 12:45 Second lesson of the English for Work course
  • 14:30 Guided tour of neighborhood area
  • 15:30 Delivery of “Welcome pack”*
  • 16:00 Welcome Party**

*A manual with info on your destination, lesson timetables, academic information as well as ideas and suggestions for your free time and activities.

**Held at a pub, cafe of local spot, you’ll get to enjoy a complimentary welcome drink with the other students from your course. The staff from your school will talk to you about the week’s activities and the most interesting spots for you to visit outside the standard touristic itinaries.

From Tuesday onwards

From your second day onwards you’ll be following a regular acedemic calendar, an example follows.


  • 9:00-10:30 Lessons
  • 10:30-10:45 Break
  • 10:45-00:15 Lessons


  • 12:15-12:45 Lunch Break
  • 12:45-14:15 Lessons (Only for Intensive Courses)

In High Season you alternate between morning and afternoon lessons (eg: Mon Morning, Tue Afternoon, Wed Morning, Thu Afternoon, Fri Morning) + Lessons from 12.45-14:15 everyday if you have chosen a course of 30 lessons per week


  • 14:30-16:00 Lessons
  • 16:00-16:15 Break
  • 16:15-17:45 Lessons

Every English for Work course includes a series of extra language activities

Don't miss out on the opportunity to participate in the numerous school activities designed to improve your english

As with all the English for Work Courses you have at your disposition a series of extra social and language activities for free. Think about how it would help your language and conversation skills. The activities are proposed by the school on a weekly basis, they are all always diverse and students from all around the world participate.Some optional activities  like tours, concertsor cinema nights are not included and have to be paid for separately. You will be able to sign up for these directly at reception.

Amongst the various free offers you will find:

  • Pronunciation corses specific to your nationality
  • Art and Culture Evenings
  • Gatherings aimed at improving participation and motivation
  • Guided tours of local markets
  • Social and conversation group gatherings in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere
  • GRoup mini tour of the Zone you’re in
  • The school library with books and multimedia resources for individual studies as well as research

…Keep an eye on the school’s notice board. Every week you’ll find updates and new proposed extracurricular activities for that week

Sample Calendar

Where do YOU want to learn?

The Business English Course is available in all locations, the world is your oyster!