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English course in Malta, review by Claudia Chiaro

Claudia took an “English In the City” course in Malta for 2 weeks

“My experience in Malta was wonderful: an English course that turned into a holiday, but in reality it’s a life experience that enriches you in an incredible way… I didn’t think so! I decided to book for two weeks a 30+ English Language course, dedicated to students a little ‘older let’s say …

Claudia Chiaro

Claudia Chiaro


Claudia Chiaro attended a full-immersion English Language Course in January

…When you arrive at the airport, the transfer is provided by the school and they take you immediately to the apartment … the accommodation I chose is a shared room, there were four of us in the apartment. It is a good solution to speak English constantly and meet students from all over the world.

The shared spaces are the kitchen and the bathroom, this was a positive note because we organized Brazilian dinners, we ate Asian noodles, I cooked meatballs … in short 🙂 everyone wants to show their traditions to others, so it becomes a sort of laboratory of cultural exchange. Every now and then, however, smells came out of those pots that I’m not telling you! 😀

The walk to get to school is very short, all the apartments are still located in the neighborhood so you can get there on foot – even when you are always late like me!

On the first day of school you take a small test, needed to fit into the correct class so that your level of English allows you to understand the lessons and study what you really need … in short, you should not copy because then if they put you in class with the advanced students you are screwed!

Then the academic staff hands out your weekly schedule and a program that includes trips, excursions and super evenings, because it’s not that you just study!

They have structured the weekly timetable very well in my opinion, because if you have class in the morning, the next day you have it in the afternoon. This way you can have some free time to visit the city and come back home late in the night.

In class the lessons are very dynamic, the teachers pushes you to talk to your classmates in order to practice communication. For example, I chose the intensive course “in the city” and every Friday we were sent around the city to interview people, it was fun 🙂

In addition to the main course and the “intensive” there are two other ways to intensify the study: the free lessons (which are available to all students but not mandatory) and the “one to one” lessons, just you and the professor. The first time I did a one-to-one lesson it was so weird, but in the end it turned out to be really useful!

The textbook is well structured and varied, it tests all the skills needed to learn a language: from reading to listening. Every day we have a few tasks to do. In a very short time I made friends with a lot of people with whom I shared my entire vacation.

Saint Julians is the ideal place to have fun with friends, because there is everything … from the drinks by the sea, to the craziest nights that ended at 5 am. Paceville is the most popular area amongst the students and in every bar there is a party … and what parties! Get ready for free drinks every night! Obviously in the morning is a bit of a drama, but I wanted to live this holiday at 360 degrees and I did!

I studied, I met new friends, I spoke English with people from all over the world, I shared experiences, I saw unforgettable places. I visited a new place every day and now that I go home I’m sorry because it all ended too quickly … but I can say that I’m satisfied, it was good for the body and spirit, it was a full experience! Full of novelty, full of emotions and satisfaction!

I’m happy, and in all of this I also improved my level of English! :D”

_Claudia Chiaro (https://www.facebook.com/ClaudiaChiaroPHOTOGRAPHY/)

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