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English Course Montreal

The largest bilingual city in the World!

Information about the English Courses in Montreal

Montreal is the largest bilingual city in the world, the place where the English and French have found a perfect balance. It is a beautiful city, safe, rich in culture and history and has recently been named “ UNESCO City of Design“. The center offers cultural events, entertainment, shopping and nightlife of the highest quality … and these are just some of the aspects for which this city is so coveted by millions of students each year. The local public transport system is excellent and ensures efficiency at all times of day and to any destination (and there are metro-stations and bus links right near the school!), so getting to your English lessons will be no problem at all! It’s brimming with culture and festivals, amazing food and lots of outdoor activities. Plus it has an enviable location – at the confluence of the St. Lawrence River and Ottawa Rivers – and it’s within an easy distance of both the Laurentians and the Eastern Townships.

The school has 23 bright and spacious classrooms, and is equipped with free Wi-Fi. There are individual study areas, and 20 computer stations for the students to use at their discretion. The school is located in downtown Montreal, in the main district known as Faubourg (which is a neighborhood full of shops, bars, shops and clubs). Montreal has the highest number of restaurants per capita in Canada and the second highest in North America after New York City… make sure you taste the Montreal style bagel!

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Each English Course in Montreal includes

  • Textbooks and teaching materials
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Welcome Event
  • Internet Access
  • Insurance by Guard.me

Number of classrooms

Average number of students per class


School pictures and videos!

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English Courses in Montreal, Canada

English courses you can follow at the school in Montreal

General, Semi Intensive or Intensive English Course in Montreal

20, 24 or 30 lessons per week - All levels - flexible duration

[+] This English course teaches students practical English through thematic, interactive and engaging lessons. The program covers all four communication skills: reading, writing, oral expression and comprehension. Included in the course price is also a variety of useful and fun extra-curricular activities and workshops, an ideal way to socialize with classmates and practice your English in Montreal and other nearby destinations! >> Read more

English for Work in Montreal for Adults

30 lessons per week - from Pre-Intermediate - flexible duration

[+] A well-balanced combination of simulations, tutorials, and thematic lessons are used in this English course in Montreal. Students learn in a practical and engaging way the language to negotiate a contract, manage human resources, and present business scenarios… you’ll learn how to deal with international work environments, give advice and warnings, and solve problems. This course is devoted exclusively to motivated adult students. >> Read more

English in the City in Montreal

30 lessons per week - from Pre-intermediate (only if close to Intermediate) - flexible duration

[+] This practical English Course is well-structured and grants you the opportunity to explore the language whilst discovering what the city has to offer. This formal approach, combined with the informal, provides a basis on which to begin practicing English in everyday life. You will be starting conversations in no time! The English ‘In the City’ Course delivers a stimulating environment for students. >> Read more

One to One Lessons in Montreal

5-40 lessons per week - All levels - Flexible duration

[+] To make the most of your studying in Montreal you can integrate some individual English lessons with your group course. Thanks to individually tailored lessons, you will have a double advantage: you can interact with other students in the morning classes, then focus on your individual improvement in the afternoon. Having a tutor at your disposal is very useful. You can focus on your weaknesses (comprehension, speaking, writing, reading, etc.) or develop target vocabulary. >> Read more

IELTS Exam Preparation Course in Montreal

30 lessons per week - from Intermediate - flexible duration

[+] The goal of the IELTS Preparation Course is to provide you with the techniques necessary to achieve the best possible result. Teachers will guide and support you throughout and the course also utilises exam past papers so that you are prepared for what appears on the test. The IELTS Preparation Course offers the opportunity to learn in a structured and precise manner, giving you a better understanding of texts, context, generic meaning and vocabulary! >> Read more

Accommodation in Montreal

If you don’t know where to stay while taking your English course in Montreal, you can choose one of these accommodations proposed by the school

La Marq Au 515 - Residence

Distance to School: 14 - 16 minutes public transport - Room type: Single Room

[+] The 515 is a beautiful residence with many modern features. Each apartment is spacious and well-designed with 3 or 5 single bedrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen & lounge and Wi-Fi. The unit has shared bathrooms (1 bathroom in 3-bedroom unit; 2 bathrooms in 5-bedroom unit), and each floor of apartments ... >> Read more

Room stay - Apartments

Distance to School: 30 - 50 minutes public transport - Room type: Single Room, Self Catering (free use of the kitchen)

[+] Roomstay is designed for adults students (18+) who want the independence of living on their own, but with the comfort, security and safety of living with a Canadian family. The roomstays are private bedrooms and shared common areas with other students and household.There is no typical homestay in Mo ... >> Read more

Host Family

Distance to School: 25 - 55 minutes public transport - Room types: Single room, half board, private bathroom - Single room, half board - Twin room, half board

[+] Staying with a host family offers you a unique and unforgettable experience – a cultural exchange which will leave you with lasting memories. You’ll be staying at the home of a local family, where you’ll have your own room (single or twin on request) in a sociable and hospitable environment. T ... >> Read more

Why Montreal? Some facts

Here is some more information on English courses in Toronto

Why take an English Course in Montreal?

Attractive, bilingual, eccentric and vibrant – Montreal is the place where the English and French cultures meet and exist in perfect harmony! It is superbly located on an island in the St. Lawrence River, and has 19 boroughs (which were independent cities once upon a time!) which include neighbourhoods decorated with cobblestone, French colonial architecture, artist-friendly areas such as Plateau and imposing buildings such as the Notre-Dame Basilica.  It is the second largest city in Canada, and is home to a population of more than 4 million people! 9 bridges surround this magnificent city, and you can feast your eyes on all the glories that Montreal has to offer. 

An international environment

Does this English course in Montreal meet what someone of your age and nationality needs? Check it out by comparing the facts.


  • Students of Ages 18-30 75% 75%
  • Students of Ages 30+ 40+ 50+ 25% 25%

Course structure

An overview of schedules, starting from the first day

First Day (Monday)

The first day will commence with the registration and reception of students. You would need to arrive at the school for 8.30am, and be sure to have the following with you:

  • Passport
  • Health insurance policy (which needs to cover you for your entire duration of your stay)
  • Letter of acceptance
  • Study permit (if your course is 6 months or longer)

At about 9am, there will be short language test – nothing to worry about – but it’s specifically designed to put you in a class with other students of a similar language level to yours.

(Note that during peak season – Jul, Aug, Sept – registration and reception may take as long as 3 hours due to the large number of students attending). 

After the test, there will be an orientation session where you will receive information about the school, lesson times, activities, accommodation, transport and so on. The legislation around your study permits (if you require one) will be explained, and you will receive a Welcome Pack and mini-tour of the school.  Depending on the course you have selected (General, Intensive or Semi – Intensive ), you may start classes immediately after this, or the following day.

Welcome Pack 

On the first day you’ll get a nice welcome package, including a manual with information about Montreal, the schedule of classes, some detailed information about your English course in Montreal for adults, suggestions for free time activities, a list of extra learning activities, the school regulations and some important contact information including the emergency telephone number of the school (which you can contact 24 hours a day during your entire stay).

From Tuesday onwards…

By the second day, you’ll start to follow your course schedule. During the week you will alternate between two different teachers , then you will have the opportunity to compare different types of pronunciation. On the first Wednesday of your course, your teachers will provide you with the textbooks and any other teaching materials that you may need to utilise during your lessons/ course.

English Couse in Montreal Timetable Canada

Useful tips for your stay in Montreal

Look at the suggestions from Montreal locals!

Study English in Canada

Identity documents, medical care, and more. Before you start your course, make sure to read the information on the page: requirements.

Do not miss

  • The Old City
  • The Basilica of Notre-Dame
  • The Oratory of S.Giuseppe
  • Museum of Art
  • Cirque du Soleil (definitely not to be missed!)
  • An excursion to Monte-Royal
  • Shopping in the “underground city”
  • A cycle around the old town
  • Make sure you try Sugar Shack (Canadians are well-known for their maple syrup)

Cost of living in Montreal

  • Big Mac C$7,36
  • Sandwich C$4-C$6
  • Can of Coca Cola C$1,77
  • Coffee in a cafe C$2
  • 1 litre of milk C$2,43
  • 2 litre of water C$2
  • Loaf of bread C$2,36
  • 2 course meal in an average restaurant C$20-C$30
  • SIM card C$10-C$25
  • Cinema C$12,75

Getting around in Montreal

Montreal is a transportation hub for eastern Canada, with efficiently well-developed air, road, rail, and maritime links to the rest of Canada, as well as the United States and Europe. Getting around within the city is relatively easy, and there are a variety of fares that could be applicable to you depending on the duration of your course. To get a brief idea:

  • One-way ticket (local): C$3.00
  • Weekly local pass: C$22.00
  • Monthly local pass: C$72.75

Take a look at this link, which will help you plan your trip successfully, providing you with all the necessary information to travel in and around the city.

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