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Information on the English School in Winchester

Winchester is pure beauty, and we bet will be one of the most stunning cities you'll visit in your life. It is a mid sized historic city, with a small city centre, great pubs, cafés and restaurants.

English language students from all over the world choose to take an English course in Winchester for its reputation of being a very amicable city and for the feeling of tradition that runs through every street.

By choosing to Winchester you're ensuring yourself quality One to One English lessons every day, with some of the best teachers in the Country, and experience the welcome of a selection of local host families that truly enjoy hosting international guests!

After the classes and in the weekends, you can take part in beautiful activities and excursions, some of which will stunn you and are definitely not to be missed! So, make the most out of your next trip to England, by taking an English language course in Winchester!

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  • Certificate of frequency and level


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Discover a bit of Winchester through pictures!

Choose your English course in Winchester

One to One Lessons with your private tutor at a Host Family home!

10-40 lessons per week - All levels - Flexible duration

[+] In Winchester we're promoting this very particular option, individual English lessons given by experienced teachers at a selction of extremely experienced and welcomy local host families! Enjoy a comfortable environment while focusing on your individual improvement with a dedicated language tutor. You can focus on your weaknesses (comprehension, speaking, writing, reading, etc.) or develop target vocabulary. This choice is possibly the most efficient form of language training ever designed, and it's often chosen by international professionals. >> Read more

Certify your study stay in Winchester

What certificates can you get?

At the end of your English language course you will receive a certificate of participation stating the dates, the type of course and the language level you have achieved. This certificate of partecipation is a nice addition to your CV. Remember that to get your level certified and recognised internationally, you will have to take a test like the IELTS or TOEFL, for example. You can apply for your examination directly at school, there are normally 2 sessions every month.

Are you also looking for accommodation?

Host Family

Distance to School (approximately): 10 - 40 minutes public transport, 10 - 40 minutes walking, 10 - 40 minutes cycling - Room types: Single room, half board, private bathroom - Single room, half board

[+] Staying with a host family offers you a unique and unforgettable experience – a cultural exchange which will leave you with lasting memories. You’ll be staying at the home of a local family, where you’ll have your own room (optionally with private bathroom) in a sociable and hospitable environ ... >> Read more

Extra activities, learn while having fun!

What extra activities are available for the students in Winchester

You can add extra activities to your one to one course, just get in touch with us to check what's on the menu during your stay!

Why study English in Winchester

Find out why this destination may be the right choice for you!

Winchester is the perfect place to study English, it’s a small, very green and very English town, recently voted "best place to live in the UK" for its quality of life.

Some of its historic buildings, including Winchester Cathedral and Winchester College, featured in some Harry Potter films!

There’s literally everything one may need: theatre, cinema, library, many pubs, cafes, restaurants, events, clubs… and it’s just one hour by train from London, with more than 4 trains per hour!

The location of Winchester is great, as well as being close to London, it is also easy to get to Oxford, Brighton, Bournemouth, Southampton and the sea!

Statistics, some interesting numbers


This option is suitable for students from all over the world.

Age groups

Chosen mainly by adults and professionals in their 30s, 40s and 50s.

Structure and timetable of English course in Winchester

First day in Winchester

The first day starts with a meet and greet witht he teacher, followed by the commencement of your lessons.


As of your second day, you will start with the regular timetable. For courses of 20 lessons/week, it starts at 09:00 am up until 13:00, with a 30 minutes coffee break in the middle.

Useful information about Winchester

Not to be missed!

  • Winchester Cathedral
  • The Guildhall
  • The river Itchen
  • High Street
  • The Buttercross
  • The farmers market

How to get around Winchester

The best way to travel lightweight and securely, is to use your mobile and Google Maps to organize your commutes, you probably use it already, but just in case… try it out here: Google maps. 
Also, in most English speaking countries worldwide you can use private transport services such as Uber and Bolt. Please try them out, you will find the Apps on your mobile App store, most students use these services to commute from and to school, sharing the rides with their class mates.

Cost of living, some examples

  • Big Mac £2.89
  • Sandwich £3.50
  • Can of Coke £.065
  • Coffee in a café £2.50
  • 1 litre of milk £0.80
  • 2 litres of water £1.50
  • A loaf of bread £0.80
  • Two course meal in average restaurant £15.00
  • Cost of sim card free
  • Cinema £7
  • Entrance to clubs £5 – £15

Visas and travel documents

What requirements are there to study in Winchester

If you are NOT European
Click on: requirements.

If you ARE European
Here's what changes:

National ID cards are no longer accepted in the UK, you must travel with your Passport.

You need a valid health insurance to enter the UK, if you don’t have one, please tick the “insurance” box on the booking form.
The pandemic is forcing governments all around the world to implement travel restrictions, and these do change frequently, unexpectedly and substantially. While we strive to give our users the most updated information about travel restrictions, we cannot be held liable in case of delays or errors, it is the traveller’s sole responsibility to adhere to the most updated requirements before travelling. Please visit the UK Government website for the most updated information.

Prices of the English Language courses in Winchester

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