English Courses for Adults 30 and OVER…

…And other interesting solutions for more mature students!

I’m 30 year old…

Are there any courses intended for people of my age? Yes, we refer to these courses as “30+ courses”, these can be attended by everyone aged 30 or more.

I’m 40 year old…

Are there any courses intended for people of my age? Yes, we refer to these courses as “30+ courses”, these can be attended by everyone aged 30, 40 or more.

I’m 50 year old…

Are there any courses intended for people of my age? Yes, we refer to these courses as “30+ courses”, these can be attended by everyone aged 30, 40, 50 or more.

How are the courses for students aged 30, 40 and 50 structured?

These courses are dynamic and extremely interactive, designed exclusively for adults, every lesson is based on real life situations, aimed on developing all your skills with a special focus on your ability to sustain a conversation.

How are the classes formed?

All the classes are formed by the director of studies keeping into account the different levels of the students, and their age – that has to be 30 or more. On the first day, you will go through a language level test, designed to help you join the right class for you.

My level is very low, is it a problem?

Normally this is not a problem, there are courses for every level, from Beginner to Advanced.

Are there accommodations suitable for people of my age?

Yes, in every destination you will find accommodations suitable for adults 30+, 40+ and 50+. Obviously if you have very high standards you can opt for a hotel (to be booked independently).

Destinations exclusive for 30+, 40+ and 50+

You can study here ONLY if you are already 30 year old or more!

London 30+ (UK)

The language centre in London offers 3 types of courses reserved exclusively for mature students. The School is located a few steps away from King’s Cross and Camden Town, and is in the heart of the British metropolis. If you want to follow an English Course for adults, designed in an effective and engaging way for adults age 30 and over, then this is an excellent choice. Go to London 30+

Saint Julian's 30+ (Malta)

The School is conveniently located in the heart of the island’s centre, and is equipped with large, contemporary classrooms. Quality language courses are offered at the School, and are plenty of accommodations to choose from, just a stone’s throw away from the crystal clear sea. It is one of the only language centres in Europe where you can take a course specifically designed for adults 30+, 40+ and 50+! Go to Malta 30+

New York 30+ (USA)

The English Courses for adults over 30, 40 and 50+ in New York are the right choice for mature students who intend to learn and improve their English and ensure they focus on their studies with few distractions – even though they’re in the heart of the Big Apple! New York will offer you an array of life experiences, both educational and cultural. Go to NY 30+

Toronto 30+ (Canada)

The Toronto language centre is located right in the city centre, and offers spacious, modern and bright classrooms, with exceptional services. Toronto boasts a truly eclectic and multi-cultural atmosphere within its dynamic metropolis. It is a particularly popular destination as it offers everything from culture to sports, nightlife, theatre shows and more! Go to Toronto 30+

Dublin 30+ (Ireland)

Not many students have the opportunity to learn English on a beautiful island in West Europe, out in the Atlantic, with stunning scenery and some of the most welcoming people in the world – but you do now! New to our catalogue of destinations to visit, Dublin provides a variety of English courses for adults 30+, 40+ and 50+! Go to Dublin 30+

Liverpool 30+ (UK)

If you are at least 30 years old, and you want to take a complete, effective and engaging English course for adults over 30 in Liverpool, this is the right choice. This Language School in Liverpool offers three types of group courses, dedicated exclusively to 30+ students: General English, Intensive English and English For Work, as well as useful One to One lessons. Go to Liverpool 30+

Vancouver 30+ (Canada)

Vancouver offers international students a safe environment, rich in culture, recreation, history, adventure, shopping and entertainment … all in an enchanting scenic city. The language center of Vancouver for 30+ is located right in the very heart of the city. a few minutes’ walk away from the famous  Yaletown and Chinatown. Go to Toronto 30+