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Stay with a host family

For a complete cultural and linguistic immersion!

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To stay within a host family abroad, without booking a language course…

Looking for English Course + Host Family?

On this page you will find general information on the Host Families that partner up with the Schools.

What does it mean to stay with a host family?

Residing with a host family allows you to experience a unique cultural exchange, providing you with significant memories. You will stay within the family home, where you’ll have your own single room (or twin, upon request), and you will have the opportunity to enjoy the hospitable and sociable company of the family members that host foreign students on a regular basis. This choice, as opposed to that of a residence, grants a fully immersed experience in a home away from home. You are able to practice your English in everyday life situations, and with the help and support of the host family, your development will continue even outside the classroom. You can choose this type of accommodation for any English Course you select, whether it’s in Malta, UK, USA or Canada. It is a perfect solution for those who want to live the experience as a native, from the ‘inside-out’!


There are none! You get a fully immersed experience, whether in or outside the classroom.

Each family is unique

Staying with a host family is exciting, simply from a cultural point of view. Each individual family differs in eating habits, schedules and ‘house rules’ and characters and personalities.

It isn't a hotel

The experience you will encounter here is very different to that of a hotel. The students who have very high expectations or with special privacy needs may want to consider other options.

What does the Host Family accommodation include?

A number of various features are available within the host family setting. You’ll have a private bedroom, a bathroom that may be shared with other family members (or a private bathroom upon request). The meals and times will depend on the requests made by the students at the time of booking, as well as the availability of the family.

WiFi or Internet Cable

WiFi, or a cable connection, is usually available. If it is absolutely essential to your stay, then be sure to specify in the booking form and it will be guaranteed!


Your room will be furnished with a single bed (or twin upon request), a desk, chair and wardrobe. The bed will be complete with bed linen and blankets, and the family will grant you access to the laundry facilities.


You will likely shared the bathroom with family members, however, you may request the use of your own private bathroom when booking the accommodation.


The family will provide breakfast, and dinner is usually optional and selected when you are booking the accommodation. Meals will be prepared by the family, so you will have some spare time to catch up on studying or socialising.

Do you prefer a Single Room?

If you prefer some privacy, and request a single room as your preference upon booking, then the School will ensure to select a family that have a private room with a single bed, desk, chair and wardrobe.

Do you prefer a shared room?

If you’re attending a course with a friend, or would like to share a room with another language student (same-sex and similar in age), then you may prefer to stay in a twin room.

Family/ Shared Bathroom

Some Host Families have shared bathrooms, where you will have access along with the family members, or with another student.

Private Bathroom

You can opt to have your own bathroom which will either be an ensuite, with direct access from the room, or just outside the bedroom.

Meals and Dietary Requirements

Each host family will come with it’s own particular tastes in food and habits. You may have assumptions about the specific cuisines in certain destinations, but there are endless varieties and flavours to choose from! Don’t be afraid to try something new. Families are quite flexible with meals, and if students have any preferences or intolerances, then the family will be sure to cater for them. A healthy, balanced diet is provided to all students.

  • VEGETARIAN: There is a wide choice of families offering this option, so you’ll undoubtedly be satisfied!
  • INTOLERANCE: If you have any special dietary requirements (allergies, coeliac etc.), then we will endeavour to find the best family for you. 

Use of the Kitchen

The family offers cupboard and refrigerator space for students to store snacks, food and drinks. Normally, a student would not be allowed to make use of the cooking equipment, stove and oven, as meals are prepared by the family. It is important to understand that there may be flexibility on this, and that each family will differ in their ‘house rules’.  Once you get to know them, you’ll be able to gauge what requests can and can’t be accommodated.

Host Families Vary

Hosting a foreign student is not just a unique experience for the students themselves, but also for the families. It is a privileged way of exchanging experience, cultures and information, living side by side with international students. Some families act like cultural consultants, immersing you in their daily routines, such as grocery shopping or going out. It is crucial to remember that each family will have their own methods of hosting students, and some may immerse you in their lifestyle more than others. Host families often remain in touch with the students they’ve hosted long after they have returned home. Like in everyday life, you will find families who grant you complete independence and maintain little interaction, whilst others will go all out to ensure they involve you in it all.

Why Do Families Host Students?

There are many reasons as to why families would opt to host students and although the reasons vary across each family, it’s mostly due to cultural and economic aspects. The family are also keen on discovering more about the world and cultures out there. It is a mutual exchange of traditions, knowledge and customs.

How is my Host Family chosen?

The School’s lodging department will contact the most appropriate family to host the requirements and needs that you have listed during booking. If you have booked a twin room, then the School will ensure that you are with a student of a similar age, language level and of the same sex. Your specific profile will be matched to a family, and once the availability is confirmed, you will receive all the detailed information.

During peak season, when demands are high, the School will sometimes make use of agencies to help coordinate the host family accommodations. The selection process remains unchanged.

When will I receive the Host Family information?

You will receive all the necessary information and details of the host family 10-14 days prior to your arrival at the destination. The information on the profile card includes:

  • Address of family residence
  • Contact e-mail/ phone number
  • Useful information about the family members (age, employment, interests etc.)
  • Description of the accommodation, your room and the neighbourhood
  • Suggestions on how to get to the School and transport information

What if I am unhappy with the selection of the Host Family?

In the unlikely circumstance that you find compatibility issues or concerns with the Host Family selected, then the School will offer you alternative accommodation as soon as possible.

Am I able to contact the Host Family?

Of course! In addition to it being a polite gesture (and highly appreciated by the host family), we do recommend that you make initial contact prior to your arrival. It will be good to ‘break the ice’ and discover a bit more about the family individuals. You may establish contact via e-mail, phone, Skype, SMS and so on, and is best to do it 7-10 days in advance. You will be able to engage in conversation and feel a lot more sociable if there has been prior communication. You MUST contact the family AT LEAST 7 days in advance to coordinate your arrival time at the house.

You MUST contact the family AT LEAST 7 days in advance to coordinate your arrival time at the house. 

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