Join an international mini-group and prepare your IELTS exam, lead by a native teacher, in collaboration with our partner Schools!

from 129€ per week! BOOK NOW >>


Join an international mini-group and prepare your IELTS exam, lead by a native teacher, in collaboration with our partner Schools!

from 129€ per week! BOOK NOW >>


IELTS specialized teachers!

The IELTS online lessons take place daily, students connect to the video conference platform and follow the instructions of the teacher who guides the “virtual class” from his or her station.

Mini Groups of 4/8 international students, with IELTS focus

You’ll study IELTS preparation online, in a virtual class of between 4 and 8 students, so you’ll get a lot more individual attention than a standard group of 12 students.

Interactive IELTS exercises and simulations

Students do not only develop their knowledge of IELTS skills, but also learn to communicate in a multicultural environment – useful in any international activity!

National Geographic Learning ebooks

High quality ebooks, provided by National Geographic Learning, because the eye wants its share too!


  • LIVE IELTS English lessons with native teachers
  • Choose when to start, 4am, 8am, 12am, 4pm, 8pm or Midnight)
  • Ebooks provided by National Geographic Learning
  • 90 minutes per day of lessons (45 min + break 10 min + 45 min)
  • 60 minutes per day of structured collaboration with international students
  • Access to the school’s e-learning platform and IELTS exercises
  • Regular simulations both writing and speaking
  • Ability to add One-to-One tuition
  • 3 months access to the e-learning platform after the end of the course

IELTS Preparation online is structured in 3 parts

The sessions are structured in 3 parts, a preparatory part, a part of confrontation and real lesson, and a final part of “delivery”.


You will be given an IELTS related assignment that will prepare you for the online lesson. It will be a reading or listening, a video or a relevant article, or a “Flashpoint” taken from the school’s e-learning platform.

The teacher will ask you some discussion questions that you need to think about before starting the IELTS online session.

You will be able to discuss these questions with your classmates through the chat function on the video conferencing software – and the teacher will be able to monitor these conversations.

To get the most out of this experience it is important to be prepared and complete the work assigned by the teacher in preparation for the online lesson.


You will have 2 X 45 minutes long online IELTS preparation sessions with the teacher (total 90 minutes).

This will have the following format:
– 10-20 minutes: Introduction and explanation;
– 10 minutes: Targets and goals;
– 30 minutes: Discussion of questions and text;
– 10-20 minutes: Examination of any grammar or vocabulary questions;
– 10-20 minutes: setting a post-lecture assignment and assignment for the next day;


After the online IELTS session the teacher will assign a task to the mini group, which can be to develop a writing or to communicate orally with the other international members of the class. You will be able to upload this work to the online platform and receive feedback quickly.

These assignments (assignments) can be individual or involve collaboration with other group members – just like with the preparatory phase, you will be able to discuss online with the group and your teacher can monitor the chat.

Participation in all phases will be recorded in the register by the teacher.


Various daily sessions to choose from

There are various possible starting times to choose from, if you’re in Europe the lessons start at:

  • 01:00
  • 05:00
  • 09:00
  • 13:00
  • 17:00

If you’re in other areas, please refer to the tab below. Every session has at least one class for your current level.

Lessons Monday to Friday, for as many weeks as you want

Lessons are held Monday to Friday, 5 days a week, you can choose to book 1, 2, 3… or 24 weeks, up to you!

Sample day timetable: Let’s suppose that you choose the 9 o’clock session, in the morning, the session will start with 30 to 45 min of guided preparatory phase, followed by 2 sessions of 45 min each (90 in total) of face to face lesson with your teacher, LIVE, followed by an assignement phase that will last from 30 to 45 min.

Afterwards you’ll have the chance to keep practicing on the e-learning platform.

Daily Timetable

This table is always valid, no matter what starting time you choose.


What is an Induction?

On the Friday before your Online Course starts, there will be a virtual welcome meeting. You will receive the invitation directly from the Academic Team of the school.
Where is Induction held? It takes place at Microsoft Teams, after the booking you will receive your access credentials.
What do you do during Induction?
This preliminary meeting is important for:
  • checking that all students are properly connected to the MS Teams platform.
  • make sure every student took the Level Test.
  • explain how the classes will take place.
  • take a short speaking test.
  • provide access to the e-books.
After Induction, there will be an informal meeting between the students, some quizzes and speaking practice to settle in and break the ice.


End of Course Certificate

The IELTS online courses offer the possibility of obtaining a certificate of attendance at the school, with lessons taken and level reached, which you can add to your CV to enrich your asset base. IMPORTANT: to obtain an actual IELTS certificate you must take the IELTS test (optional).

Optional One to One tuition

If you need help overcoming specific difficulties or improving specific aspects of language communication, you can take advantage of a few One to One sessions with a private teacher.

Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone

You can connect from desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. NOTE: Don’t worry if this is your first time using this technology, if you have an ADSL connection, or even a 3G connection, that’s all you need.


The exercises assigned by teachers in the “preparation” and “delivery” phases are partly done on the school’s e-learning platform, and partly offline. The online lessons are given via “Microsoft Teams”.

DON’T WORRY, accessing these portals is easy and immediate, everything is very simple and will be explained to you.


How will the IELTS Preparation lessons take place?
The lessons will take place through Microsoft Teams, an easy and functional platform for remote learning that works from any desktop, tablet or phone.
Microsoft Teams has everything teachers need to create a real lesson, including sharing content and learning materials, assigning individual and group exercises, and a chat to facilitate interaction.
What does the Microsoft Teams platform include?
When the Microsoft Teams platform is downloaded, students will have FREE access to Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint) for 12 months and more!
Are online lessons as effective as lessons at school?
The program is designed to give teachers and students the opportunity to take full advantage of all effective methods for language study – face to face online lessons, group exercises with classmates and self-study.
Online lessons have a dynamic compared to normal lessons, so the number of students per class has been reduced to a maximum of 8 so that teachers can devote more time and attention to each student. There are tasks to be carried out in collaboration with the other students, before and after class. In this way, students can prepare before class and consolidate what they have learned after class.
Do the online classes follow the same program as the classroom classroom attendance classes?
Yes! The online lessons will follow the same curriculum as the school and will use the same National Geographic books. The online lessons will also be complemented by the school’s e-learning platform.
What is included in the price?
– Lessons live in different time zones of your choice, 24 hours a day! Available time zones are 6: 00:00, 04:00, 08:00, 12:00, 16:00, 20:00, London time .

– Textbooks in eBook version of courses supported by National Geographic Learning

– Qualified mother tongue teachers

– One-to-one weekly tutorial with the teacher

– 90 minutes per day of virtual English teaching face to face (2 sessions of 45 minutes with 10 minutes break)

– 60 minutes per day of structured collaboration with classmates

– Full access to the school’s e-learning platform with countless resources for self-study

– FREE access to Microsoft Office for 12 months, including Word, PowerPoint and more!

– Ability to add One-to-One private lessons

Will there be a final test?
Yes, the final test will take place on the school’s e-learning platform. A link will be provided once the curriculum has been completed.
Will I get a level certificate?
Yes, once the course is finished, students will receive an electronic certificate. You can request a hard copy for a small extra fee.
Will there be an online writing/speaking test?
Yes, the speaking and writing test will be done via the online platform.
Are individual lessons also available online?
Will the classes take place in different time zones?
All lessons will take place live, in different time zones of your choice, 24 hours a day (6 time zones available: 00:00, 04:00, 08:00, 12:00, 16:00, 20:00 London time).
Who will be my teachers?
All teachers are teachers of the school, who normally give attendance classes in the different locations. They are all native speakers, certified and carefully selected by the teaching staff.
What kind of certification do teachers have?
All teachers meet the requirements of the accreditation bodies present on the national territory, where the school is located from where the lessons will be delivered (UK, USA, Malta, Canada etc.).
I don't have a computer, can I still take classes online?
Don’t worry! Microsoft Teams also works perfectly on tablets, iOS and Android phones! Simply download the application in mobile version.
How are the classes formed?
Students will be asked to complete the placement test through the school’s placement platform a few days before the start date. The teaching staff will assign the student to the corresponding level class based on the test result.
How many lessons will the students have to attend every day/week?
All of them! Each student’s attendance will be strongly considered. If students have an attendance of less than 80%, they will be contacted by the Director of Studies. Attendance also includes the task tasks before and after class – the teacher will check that they have been completed, otherwise the student will be marked as absent for half the lesson.
Will there be a technical support service?
Of course! Once registration and payment has been made, each student will receive an email with the username and password to use to access Microsoft Teams and related instructions. In case the student has problems with the access or has not received the email, they can contact the school’s helpdesk.

In the following link, a short tutorial for accessing and setting up Microsoft Teams is available: www.instagram.com/p/B92s1mBl1Fx.

What happens if a student does not participate due to technical problems? (connection problems etc.)
In this case, the student should contact their Director of Studies as soon as possible to assign another lesson or to discuss other possibilities to make up for the missed lesson.
What if there are problems with the class/level?
In this case you will need to talk to your teacher; you can easily do this through Microsoft Teams itself.

IELTS Preparation Prices and Enrollment


Price as follows:

  • €129/week*

Registration fee and materials: 50€

*Minimum booking period 4 weeks.

Booking Deadlines

Reservations must be made by 15:30 London time on the Wednesday before the desired course start date (Courses start every Monday).


To book follow this procedure:

  1. Fill the booking form;
  2. Receive payment and access instructions;
  3. Attend the booking confirmation;
  4. Prepare your study station;
  5. Be on time, be found connected and ready to start!

Booking Form