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Malta, studying and working, review by Carolina V.

Carolina has lived in Malta for a long time…

“It was the moth of November, there was me, my two suitcases and a great desire to test myself. After a few months in Edinburgh, Scotland, I land on this small island, craving for the sun, some warmth and clearly with my watchwords always in my pocket: IMPROVE MY ENGLISH! Here I am, finally, on my new home Malta.”

Carolina V.

Carolina V.


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Apart from the “shock” of the first two days, we set out immediately to discover the island, from a bus to another, up and down the island, to discover the beautiful coty of Valetta, the extraordinary Mdina, the rocky cliffs of Dingli, the famous San Peter’s Pool, Marsaxlokk with its fish marklet, Birgu and the three cities, a fish meal, pastizzi, paceville… all the way to the beach where I could finally lie down in the sun and enjoy the temperature (after leaving the fog and the cold of the North!!). Then these amazing days of vacation ended, my friend left, and I moved from a hotel to my new home in Sliema, a nice small flat with a bit of sea view. A dream come true!

The sensaton of waking up in the morning, in the month of December, and taking a walk in a t-shirt with the view of Valletta… puts me in such a peaceful and unique state of happiness.

Time to roll up my sleeves, and start looking for a job, with my CV in hand and lots of hope. After a few days spinning around, handing out CVs and sitting to a number of interviews, ebentually the call: I got a job! A classic job for an Italian abroad, the waitress, but that was not bad at all, and it was a start!

During my days off it really felt great to just pretend to be a tourist and discover my new home, the city, a walk along the sea, an ice cream and I immediately realize that I am surrounded by at least 5 different languages, it’s wonderful! I step into a bar for a coffee, and between a chat and the other with the owner I have a new good contact for a job upgrade. A few days after sending the curriculum I get a response: now I have an interview at a local English Language school! They offered me to work as an intern and study in the school. Not bad at all!

I want to recommend to everyone to experience some time abroad as a student, it’s absolutely to be done. I spent some wonderful months at school, meeting people from all over the world, sharing time together, chatting, enjoying the sea, the moments in class with the teachers, exchanging opinions and getting tipsy with my classmates on the weekends. Learning a new language abroad is such a unique and magic experience, at least it was for me.

As the months go by, the friends I met left and my time at school ends.

And now what? Well… now we roll up our sleeves again, back to the job seekers routine, Google and web search:, Vacancies in Malta… I have a list of sites where to upload resumes and, as expected, after a few days another job was found! Group leader at another English Language school in Malta, but again it’s a seasonal job, so I already had to think about finding a new one soon after!

On the way to work, I used to walk by this “health bar”, a venue of great vibe, I am magnetically attracted by the girls who work there, by the music and by the vibrations I hear. I decide to hand out my curriculum. Soon after, here I am, I’m one of the staff members of Pure Health Bar! What a great group of crazy people in this club, from all over the world: Italy, Hungary, France, Spain, Serbia, Poland, Brazil… and you know what’s good? That despite all of us speaking different languages we are communicating through English! What great power English has, sometimes I slow down, I start thinking about it and I am enchanted.

Summer is almost gone, the days are passing fast and I start to ask myself: “What should I do now?”. I love this island, but from a professional point of view I couldn’t find what I was after, a proper all year round job. As if by magic, the phone rings, the school where I did my internship is offering me a full time job! Soon after, the moment I was waiting for: I’m sitting at the reception, the new students are coming on Monday, surely someone has yet to take the online test: “Ah yes the Korean boy, the Turkish girl and the Colombian girl… ah look there, there are two new Italian boys! Welcome to Malta!

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