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Amongst our proposals you will find a number of destinations and offers dedicated to adults from 18 years and also from 30 years up – in the latter case, keep an eye out for destinations that include “30+” or jump straight to the section: ENGLISH 30+ >>>

Treat yourself to a total immersion in the English language in Ireland, it’s a unique life experience, which will enrich you in so many unexpected ways!

  • Beautiful destinations
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  • Flexible duration
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How are the English Courses in Ireland offered?

Full-Immersion offers English Courses for adults in 2 versions: Group English and One-to-One (1 Student – 1 Teacher) Courses. Both are characterised by linguistic practice, active interaction and participation. Students may opt to include both methods in one package, combining both Group and Individual sessions.

Each Group Course is held between Monday and Friday, so the weekends are always free for you to make the most out of your stay in Ireland, where you can explore and discover the city. Classes are held in the mornings, or afternoons, depending on the English Course selected. There is a variety of English Courses to meet every student’s needs, whether 18+ or 30+ and even seniors.:

  • General and Intensive English are the ideal courses to improve all your skills and practice in groups of international students, led by natively English-speaking teachers. General English normally has 20 lessons per week, whilst the Intensive Course has 30 lessons. Classes are composed of international students, making it easy to meet and mix with different people from around the world.
  • English In The City is the ideal course to combine a concrete and structured linguistic practice to an in-depth exploration of the cultural aspects of the city chosen for your studies in Ireland. It is not offered by all schools.
  • The Exam Preparation courses (IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, CPE, FCE) are tailor-made for those who want to achieve the best possible results in their certification tests, thanks to targeted exercises and simulations.
  • One-to-One lessons are designed for those students with specific and targeted needs, and for those who want to integrate them with a group course to strengthen their educational path in Ireland.

In which cities can I find an English Course for adults?

Ireland is a relatively small country and the most renowned cities are on the coast. Find the list of cities you can choose an English Course at on this page, or click on the ‘Destinations’ tab above.

When can I start my English Course in Ireland?

We have made sure to select that the English Courses available here allow you to start whenever you like. You can opt to take most courses all year round, and for the duration of your choice – 1 week, or even more than 48 weeks! Courses start every Monday (except when it is an Irish Public/ Bank Holiday).

Who are the English Courses in Ireland for?

Each English Course is aimed at a large audience, from Beginner to Advanced English. To understand if the courses offered meet your requirements, you must first be aware of what you aim to achieve and what your specific goals are. You can use our ‘Support’ section in the main menu to see which course suits your desires.

If you are an adult over the age of 18 aiming to invest some time taking an English Course abroad, then you have come to the right website. All of our English Courses will allow you to expand your English language knowledge and skills to the best of your abilities, with excellent guidance from our qualified teachers and a high quality educational structure.

Why choose an English Course in Ireland with Full-Immersion?

In the vast expanse of English Courses in Ireland offered online, it’s easy to get lost. The best English Courses have already been selected here and through our simple and intuitive web portal, you will definitely find the right choice for you! We are passionate about our work, which means we always aim to gather the best English Courses available on one site – right here! You can contact us for free via Live Chat for a free consultation (Mon-Fri), through phone (Mon-Fri) or via email any time.

We were among the first on the market to place so much energy and focus on the development of a site geared towards the best English Courses available for adult students, and we are very proud of it!

The English Courses provided here are targeted towards an adult student population, mainly those who are age 18 and over, or those who are over 30. The Engllish Courses are stimulating, engaging and exciting, with a limited number of students in each class. Each English Course provides guided and supportive linguistic learning and practice, fully immersed in a country and culture where English is the predominant language.

How long is an English Course in Ireland?

The great news about the length of the English Course is that it is entirely up to you. You may choose to stay 1 week, 3 weeks, a month or even a year! When you would like to start and where you would like to go are two of the most important factors, as this can also determine the duration of the English Course.

Interesting facts:
1-Statistically, if you take an Intensive English Course in Ireland (30 lessons per week) for 7-8 weeks, you should gain an English level.

2-One-to-One lessons will allow you to achieve one English level in half the time it takes when you are in a group, however, they are not cheap.

Therefore, if your goal is to move from a Pre-Intermediate to, let’s say, an Intermediate level, then you should estimate between 14-16 weeks of an Intensive English Course, or 9-10 weeks of a One-to-One Course.

How much does an English Course in Ireland cost?

The price of the English Course will vary depending on the selected Course itself, the destination chosen and the type of accommodation you opt for (if any). If you have an independent accommodation solution, then it will work out considerably cheaper. To simplify things, our easy to use Price Calculator (available on every Destinations page) allows you to receive an instant quote (or multiple quotes), at no extra cost, within a matter of seconds!