A complete course in a small group of 6 adults

English in Mini Group for Adults Abroad

If you are looking for something much more intense than the standard group courses, the Mini-Group English course for adults is the closest thing to perfection! This solution combines the element of interaction with the class with a great level of support and individual attention, second only to the One to One lessons.

This Mini-Group Adult Only English Language Course makes you feel comfortable right away, you’ll get to know your classmates in minutes, and you’ll be ready to communicate, interact and team-work to improve your language level, fluency and communication skills in a variety of areas.

The mini group is formed by 6 students only, it allows you to receive a level of individual attention far superior to a standard group of 12.

During the Mini Group English course you will develop all of the four main areas of communication: listening, reading, writing and speaking. In a small class you will get the chance to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, stronger interactions and an excellent inter-play.

Smaller classes allow teachers to “customize” the program, also according to the specific needs and personal backgrounds of their students. Your confidence will increase rapidly, thanks to the many opportunities for interaction with your class mates and your teacher.

General English, 6 students

Light but super effective!


Intensive, 6 students

The most popular option, you work hard!



In what way a Mini group is better than other Group courses?

Studying in a class of only 6 students creates dynamics that are much more intense than those created in the standard groups of 12 students, and allows you to increase the number of interactions with your teacher, enhancing the paractice.

Your personal needs will be identified, monitored and met more accurately by your teacher, allowing you to receive a range of personalised feedbacks and encouragements. The great flexibility of the teachers, combined with the small class size, ensures engaging lessons and a much faster pace of progress, if compared to other standard solutions.

One of the problems most adult students face when taking an English course abroad is the so called “processing time”. This is the time that stands between understanding and answering a question. Thanks to the frequent interactions offered by the Mini-Group setup, your processing time becomes much shorter, resulting in a faster growth and improved fluency.


Not really, this course is only ideal if you need to quickly improve your level of English and have a high budget.

You will study in a small class of maximum 6 determined students, who are looking for a higher degree of individual attention and who understand the crucial role of the inter-play in a small class.

You must meet the required minimum level of “Pre-Intermediate”, to join this curse. There are Mini Group classes for each level except Elementary and Beginner.


English in Mini Group Features

An overview of the features of this special course

Learn 'Real' English

Each lesson of the English course for adults focuses on specific topics, and which cover all key areas of communication: reading, writing, speaking and understanding. Each lesson prepares you for how language is used in ‘real’ life, with practical examples everyone can relate to.

Thematic Lessons

Teachers select the topics of the lectures and then present them to the class in an interactive and immersive way, helping you learn all the elements you’ll need in everyday life. You will improve your grammar, vocabulary, idioms and pronunciation.

Listen, Understand, Respond Quicker

If you have issues with processing what is said, understanding it and structuring a response, then these lessons will certainly help you speed up the time it takes for you to comprehend and will make your reply much more efficient – in a fun manner, making conversational English flow much smoother and allows you to enjoy it.

Teachers and Staff Are Always Available

Advice and support go hand in hand at the schools and teachers and staff are always readily available. They provide support and encouragement in a friendly and pleasant environment, allowing students to feel motivated and productive.

Teaching and Supplementary Materials

The teaching methods in the English language courses for adults are integrated with books, articles, magazines, videos, songs … Internet resources also offer a much more comprehensive learning approach and all methods can be applied to everyday situations.

Dynamic And Active Participation

Supported by the teacher and your fellow classmates, you will be actively participating in the lessons. You’ll be able to practice your speech during debates and discussions. The teachers remain attentive and guide you, helping you focus on correct pronunciation and grammatical errors, all the while improving your language skills.

A Typical Day

An overview of the schedules of the English courses in Mini Group

Lessons from Monday to Friday

Lessons are held from Monday to Friday, with each lesson lasting between 45-50 minutes (depending on your chosen location) and focusing on a particular skill:

  • Listening 
  • Speaking 
  • Writing 
  • Reading 

The lessons alternate between two different teachers, which provides you with the opportunity to compare pronunciations and colloquialisms. You will be provided with a textbook on the first Wednesday of your course and other supplementary materials throughout the course duration.

After scheduled lessons, you can choose to participate in further educational workshops, including pronunciation workshops or social activities which take place both in afternoons and/or evenings. For more information, view and follow the EXTRA section. 

First Day (Monday)

Day one starts with a reception and registration process, which is followed by a short English language test that assesses your level of English. After your first and second English lessons, you’ll be able to enjoy a tour of the area and socialise at a fun welcome event! Times on the below schedule may vary, depending on your chosen destination:

  • 08.30 – Reception and Registration
  • 09.00 – English Language Test
  • 10.45 – First English Language Lesson
  • 12.45 – Second English Language Lesson
  • 14.30 – Guided Area Tour
  • 15.30 – Welcome Pack Session *
  • 16.00 – Welcome Event **

The Welcome Pack is a manual containing information on the city, your class schedule, academic information and various events relating to leisure or extra-curricular activities.

** The Welcome Event will be held at a local pub or cafe, where you can enjoy a free drink whilst in the company of other new students. The staff will inform you about the week’s activities and give you some tips on must-see locations to visit!

Tuesday Onwards…

The second day follows a more structured routine. For example:


  • 09.00 – 10.30 – Lessons
  • 10.30 – 10.45 – Break
  • 10.45 – 12.15 – Lessons


  • 12.15 – 12.45 – Lunch
  • 12.45 – 14.15 – Lessons (only for those following an intensive course)

In peak season, lessons alternative between mornings and midday lessons. For ex: Monday = Mornings; Tuesday = Afternoons; Wednesday = Mornings; Thursday = Afternoons; Friday = Mornings + lessons from 12.45 – 14.15 every day if you have selected a course of 30 lessons per week.


  • 14.30 – 16.00 – Lessons
  • 16.00 – 16.15 – Break
  • 16.15 – 17.45 – Lessons

Each English Course in Mini Groups Includes Extra-Curricular Activities!

Don't miss the opportunity to participate in the numerous extra-curricular activities offered by the school...

Each English Course includes a variety of educational and social activities for free, which are specifically designed to promote linguistic practice and socializing. Activities are ongoing and differ from week to week, involving teachers and participating adult students that come from all around the world. There are also varied activities such as concerts and movie nights that can be purchased directly at the school, so make sure you inquire! Among the free activities, you’ll find:

  • Pronunciation Classes specific to your country of origin
  • Arts and Cultural Evenings
  • Specialized meetings to enhance motivation and participation
  • Guided Tours of surrounding areas and local markets
  • Focus Groups for conversation practice in a social and relaxed environment
  • School Library containing modern books and media for individual studies and research.

Keep an eye out on the school notice boards. Each week you’ll find updates to events and activities being held. So, don’t miss out!

Sample Calendar

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