One to One tuition

Ideal for both 18+ and 30+, high quality tuition: gain double the results in half the time!

Private One to One Lessons in English

Ideal for those who wish to learn quickly and effectively, these private lessons come in flexible packages of 10, 15 and 20 lessons (and more) per week. Each class provides a perfect solution if you need to focus on any particular area of the language: speaking, listening, reading or writing. Along with your teacher, you will select the topics to be addressed, in line with your goals and your own personal needs. With undivided attention, guidance and continuous feedback, your English level will advance quicker than using any other method of learning.

The teachers are brilliant!

Teachers of these courses are selected according to the characteristics and needs of the individual students. They are friendly, professional and experts in their field. You will undoubtedly find and atmosphere that is welcoming, genuine and stimulating!

International, modern and dynamic environment!

The international environment is one of the most exciting aspects about the full-immersion courses. The modern educational facilities where lectures and private lessons are held are imbued with dynamism and motivated adult students from all over the globe!

The ideal tool to fill the gaps...

Private lessons on a one-to-one basis provide you with more focused learning and targeted areas for improvement. You can dedicate your attention to your strengths, or use the time to fill in the gaps you feel could be enhanced. This manner of learning provides you with your own personal private lesson – and the teacher’s focus is all on you!

Tutorials in various destinations...this is what they look like!

Why are Private Lessons so effective?

How long does it take to see results?

Private One to One Lessons

Statistically,  the average growth of those who choose ‘Private’ lessons is almost twice the average of those who choose ‘Group’ courses.

Group Lessons

The ‘Group’ classes allow an average growth level every 7-8 weeks.These are ideal if you have time available, and would prefer to save a few pennies!

Learn what you really need

Each private lessons focuses on a particular meme. You will be focusing on the four key aspects of communications – reading, writing, speaking and comprehension.

Targeted learning

Teachers will select themes for the lessons after discussing your intentions and objectives. Your goals are important, and teachers will engage you in an interactive manner, ensuring you achieve the goals you set out for. Aspects of target learning include grammar, vocabulary, idioms, phrases and pronunciation.

Listen, process information and respond faster

One of the problems most students are faced with, is the ability to fully comprehend what is being said, process that information, and find a suitable response to the statement. With private tutorials, this process time can be reduced and sped up. This focus will give you the ability to enhance your performance in conversations.

Teachers and Staff are always available

Advice and support go hand in hand at the schools, and teachers and staff are always readily available. They provide support and encouragement in a friendly and pleasant environment, allowing students to feel motivated and productive.

Teaching and Supplementary Materials

The teaching methods in the English language courses for adults are integrated with books, articles, magazin
es, videos, songs etc. Internet resources also offer a much more comprehensive learning approach, and all methods can be applied to everyday situations.

Dynamic And Active Participation

Supported by the teacher and your fellow classmates, you will be actively participating in the lessons. You’ll be able to practice your speech during debates and discussions. The teachers remain attentive and guide you, helping you focus on correct pronunciation and grammatical errors, all the while improving your language skills.

Useful Information

Who selects the teachers?

Teachers are selected directly from the educational Director of the school in which you choose to study. All the teachers are strictly native English speakers and are all qualified professionals. They are selected depending on your needs and requirements.

Where are Private Lessons available?

Private lessons are available all year round in various destinations! We would advise you to follow classes between Mondays and Fridays, to allow you to take advantage of the weekends off in your selected location. If you require information about the lesson times, please do let us know. We will always try to accommodate your needs.

Is it right for me?

This is entirely up to you to decide. Private lessons are not the most cost-effective option, however, they do allow you to make progress in half the usual time. It is a solution that entices certain professionals, such as business people, dentists, doctors, lawyers, administration staff etc. It is not solely targeted at those professionals, and students can opt to add on a few classes here and there throughout their  main study course.

Testimonials from our teachers...

dan_in_classI have been teaching English for 10 years, before I joined the school in Bristol I spent some time teaching in Bolivia where I worked with University students and young people, it was a great learning experience and the reason I decided to continue teaching in the UK. When I teach I still get the same sense of excitement before a lesson and satisfaction afterwards that I did ten years ago. As well as this freshness, working in Bristol has given me the opportunity to meet all sorts of people from all over the world and it has been the people that have meant no two weeks in my time here have been the same.

Dan Steward

students_in_class_4I have worked as an English teacher for three years in the Czech republic, Italy and Portugal. I started the job because I love travelling but found I genuinely love teaching, and now my family and friends have bought me back to England. I love the interesting people I meet in the job and the sense of satisfaction I get when I hear my students progressing and communicating in English. For me there is no better feeling than meeting a student but not being able to talk about much and then chattering away with them a month later. In my spare time I am a musician, I play the saxophone and am a singer-songwriter.

Josie Watts

alex_monti_foxI grew up in New York City on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. In my teaching career I have taught English and Drama with a number of institutions, notably the University of Washington, the Tacoma Actors Guild, the Green Dot Charter Schools, Stone Soup Theatre, Los Angeles Pacific College, the Mentor Language Institute of Beverly Hills, Kings College Los Angeles, and now ECLA (the finest of the lot). I am also a professional actor with numerous credits, a member of the Screen Actors Guild, the producer of over 25 theatrical productions, a produced playwright and screenwriter, and a professional photographer!

Alex Monti Fox

asli_diler_smallLanguage has always been a personal passion of mine and now I have the pleasure of sharing that passion with students from all over the world. I myself am trilingual and have lived abroad for over 10 years so I have a deep appreciation for the advantages that come with knowing an additional language and I try and use that personal experience to enlighten my students. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to be a part of helping a student acquire new language skills knowing that those skills will open doors and improve their overall communication skills.

Asli Diler

nelson_oliversmallI’ve always considered myself lucky to have found a career in Language teaching. The opportunity to empower people by giving them the knowledge they need to go on in their lives to greater achievements is satisfying and fulfilling. Meeting people from different countries and cultures has been an eye-opening experience and I believe this cosmopolitan atmosphere encourages understanding and cooperation even after students return to their homes.

Nelson Oliver

dsc_0015I consider myself to be a person who is always very passionate and enthusiastic about everything I do, especially when doing the things I love – teaching is one of them. Being creative and resourceful helps me strive towards preparing lessons which are stimulating and fun to deliver because I find that when I enjoy teaching, the students usually enjoy learning. On a personal level, I firmly believe in life-long learning and in seeing everyday as a new challenge and opportunity for growth.

Sue Wadge

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