Practical English course for Adults

Quality above all, and time well-spent!

Inside… and outside the classroom!

Throughout our experience, we have come to realise the common difficulties that students sometimes face during the standard courses we offer… and that is the lack of practice. So we’ve introduced a fun course, called ‘English in the City’, which focuses on allowing you to create the foundation necessary with everyday issues people face throughout the city. It is a modular learning programme with an informal approach and for real-time practice of the English language and includes educational outings.

“Each week, 20 thematic lessons of General English will be following by an additional 10 special lessons, allowing you to discover real English at work in the real world!”

Classroom-based lessons are very well-structured, and aim to provide you with the basis of the language, which are necessary in order to set the foundation for your learning. However, we feel that students don’t always get the necessary practice they need! These modules, combined with the informal sessions are always enjoyable, and helps make the most out of the time you’ll spend learning, as it provides you with an approach that allows you to see, listen, understand and practice immediately afterwards, establishing it in your memory to help you increase efficiency when using English in everyday life.

Practice English Course

Thematic Lessons Per Week

Lessons Outside the Classroom

Pre-Intermediate (if very close to Intermediate)

Why Opt For An English Language Practice Course?

Can A Language Be Taught From Books Alone?

We don’t think so! We all remember learning certain things in school, and then years later you’re reminded of the topic, but can’t seem to remember anything about it. For example, how to use this sign – π ? So what is it that makes us remember things in detail, like a foreign language? The secret is practice! To meet the needs of those who do not necessarily flourish solely by classroom-based learning, we have introduced this course to allow them to practice and learn in an intense, entertaining and interactive environment – ‘out there in the world’, amongst people.

You should still invest time in studying, as that will enhance the quality of the language you are learning. By evaluating learning abilities versus the methods used in standard course programmes, it is clear that alternative teaching practices need to be implemented. This course does this – it strikes a balance for those who prefer to learn in a collaborative environment, and to mix up their lessons to include both classroom and social based learning. Different people have different brains, requiring different approaches to teaching, learning and studying. However, at the basis of learning lies practice!


What Does The Practice English Course Consist Of?

This programme combines 20 General English lessons (classroom based) with 10 thematic lessons to ‘explore the city’. The thematic lessons are sometimes held via an educational tours, providing you with practical experience, inspired by the surrounding city.   latter is strictly focused on an approach that ensures you will get to practice your English. The locations of the lessons will be inspired by the unique characteristics of the chosen destination. Whatever you choose, you’re certain to be practicing your English! You will encounter lessons titled such as ‘The Art and Culture – Museums’, ‘Talk to Native Speakers – visit the districts of the City’, ‘The Language of Sports – Take a Walk to the City Stadium’. These lessons are fun and exciting, and provide you with real-life situations where you get to practice your English all whilst surrounded with the beautiful aspects of whichever destination you select. You’ll be left wanting many more than just 10 lessons a week of these Practice English lessons!

What Can I Expect From The Practice English Course?

Quality above all, and time well-spent. If you’re a person who has always preferred learning in a more practical manner rather than focusing on books and theory, then this is an ideal choice. These lessons are a little different to what you’ll encounter in the daily classroom, and they have a little something special – they concentrate on inter-personal communication, interaction and conversational practice in genuine situations.

How Is It Structured? Where Are The Lessons Held?

You will spend most of your time at the language centre, with lessons including sessions of group conversations about various topics and subjects. Outings will include tours of the city with lessons forming part of visits to museums, art galleries, local businesses and so on.


Practice, practice, practice!

Each lesson in the classroom of this practical course focuses on a specific theme, and each theme is designed to give you the necessary support to enable you to make the most of the time you spend with classmates and the teacher. They are intensely focused on practicing English outside the classroom.

Thematic Lessons

The course will highlight a variety of topics, including: Business English, Art and Culture, Sport, History and Geography, Policitcs and Architecture and many, many more. The themes are always interesting and engaging, and there is never a dull moment!

Reduce your processing time

Thanks to the many opportunities you will gain for practicing English, this particular course also aims to help you reduce your information processing time, making it simpler and more efficient for you to learn English practically.

Professional teachers and supportive staff

The teachers of the course Practice English are all experienced, qualified, native speakers. They are available whenever you require support and guidance, and will encourage you throughout the duration of your course. Staff at the school are warm and welcoming, providing you with a truly positive learning experience.

Resources for practice

The textbooks and supplementary materials that you will be provided with throughout your course, are always contemporary and new, and make use of existing resources, such as newspapers, magazines, videos, songs and web resources. The variety of resources allows students to learn in different ways, and provides students with a more engaging atmosphere.

Practice in a social environment

You will participate in the lessons, with the support and guidance of both your teachers and classmates. You’ll quickly adapt to this interactive setting, and be able to learn from others while you participate in these sessions. The dynamic environment that varies between the more formal to informal style creates a perfectly balanced learning atmosphere.


Besides the obvious benefits of countless opportunities to socialize and practice without having to give up the all-important classroom based training, there is the fulfilling experience of encountering a new city, a new culture and lifestyle. You’ll develop closer relationships with those around you, whether they are your classmates or people you have met throughout your lessons ‘in the field’. It’s an impeccable balance between student life and the life of a traveller. You will encounter a number of situations and circumstances which will allow you to practice your English effectively, and aims to develop your knowledge, skills and capabilities.


It is not a programme that is suitable for all students. For those who have specific language requirements or needs, visit our main menu for other courses that may be appropriate.

To Summarise…

The Practice English Course for adults is aimed at mature students who wish to pursue and engage in a slightly different approach to the usual learning methods. It is an experimental programme designed to ensure that students interact with the city that is hosting them. Whilst they are in their ‘home away from home’, this course targets those who find it helpful to develop in a practical and cooperative environment and those who want to create this experience in a stimulating and energizing location, alongside native speakers.

A Typical Day

An overview of the schedules of the Practice English Course for adults

Lessons from Monday to Friday

The Practical English Course for adults is held between Monday and Friday, with lessons covering teaching modules that correspond to a particular language skill in a thematic context, such as:

  • Listening
  • Speaking 
  • Writing
  • Reading

During the week, two different teachers will alternate, so you will be exposed different types of pronunciation. The first Wednesday of your course you will receive the textbook, and then as time goes by, you’ll receive the other supplementary educational materials. After you attend your lessons, both the General and Practical English ones, you can choose to participate in a number of extra-curricular activities provided by the school. These take place in the afternoons and evenings, and for more information, take a look at the section to follow.

First Day (Monday)

The first day begins with reception, registration and a short language test. The test will be followed by a session / welcome speech, the handing out of the teaching calendar and other activities, and possibly lessons. Here is an example:

  • 08:30 Check-in and registration at the school
  • 09:00 Test
  • 10:45 The first lesson of your English course in London Euston for adults over 30!
  • 12:45 Lessons (Intensive English/ English for Work)
  • 14:30 Tour of the neighborhood
  • 15:30 Welcome Pack*
  • 16:00 Welcome Event**

* This is a welcome package that includes It is a nice manual with information about the city, schedules of classes, free activities, transport, tours and points of interest you can visit.

** This is normally held at a local venue, where you can enjoy a free drink with other international students participating in English language courses. The staff will advise you of the activities to be held during the week,a and give you some places you should visit throughout your stay!

Tuesday Onwards…

By the second day, you will begin to follow the regular academic calendar. Times may vary slightly according to the destination you select. Here is a sample schedule: 


  • 9:00-10:30 Classroom Lessons
  • 10:30-10:45 Break
  • 10:45-00:15 Classroom Lessons


  • 12:15-12:45 Lunch
  • 12:45-14:15 Outdoor Lessons (In Museums, Galleries etc.)

Note that during the high season, the school adopts a calendar called “Double Banking” when the lessons are held both in the morning and afternoon, but on alternate days. 


  • 14:30-16:00 Classroom Lessons
  • 16:00-16:15 Break
  • 16:15-17:45 Classroom Lessons

Each English Course Includes Extra-Curricular Activities!

Don't miss the opportunity to participate in the numerous extra-curricular activities offered by the school...
Each English Course includes a variety of educational and social activities for free, which are specifically designed to promote linguistic practice and socialising. Activities are ongoing, and differ from week to week, involving teachers and participating adult students that come from all around the world. There are also varied activities such as concerts and movie nights that can be purchased directly at the school, so make sure you enquire! Among the free activities, you’ll find:

  • Pronunciation Classes specific to your country of origin
  • Arts and Cultural Evenings
  • Specialised meetings to enhance motivation and participation
  • Guided Tours of surrounding areas and local markets
  • Focus Groups for conversation practice in a social and relaxed environment
  • School Library containing modern books and media for individual studies and research

…Keep an eye out on the school notice boards…each week you’ll find updates to events and activities being held, so don’t miss out!

Sample Calendar

Where Do YOU Want To Learn?

The Practice English Course is available in all the following locations!