English Course in South Africa

A destination suitable for adults over 18+ and 30+!

So you want to learn English in South Africa with other adults, right?

Is the answer “yes”?

Great, we can offer you a good overview of the various options available!

Amongst our proposals you will find a number of destinations and offers dedicated to adults from 18 years and also from 30 years up – in the latter case, keep an eye out for destinations that include “30+” or jump straight to the section: ENGLISH 30+ >>>

Treat yourself to a total immersion in the English language in South Africa, it’s a unique life experience, which will enrich you in so many unexpected ways!

  • Beautiful destinations
  • Classes divided by starting level
  • Flexible duration
  • Start every Monday, all year round



How does an English Course in South Africa work?

The English Courses for adults that are offered by Full-Immersion are held both in a Group format as well as an Individual format. Both solutions are characterised by intense interaction between students and teachers, allowing for a great deal of pure linguistic practice. Those who have a good budget may opt to select a mix of Group classes and Individual sessions (One-to-One). Group English Courses are held during the mornings or afternoons between Monday and Friday, depending on the season (high or low season), as well as the Course Type chosen. They are designed to cater to different types of requests and levels of students, for both adults over 18 or 30 as well as senior students.

  • General and Intensive English Courses are very similar yet maintain a different timetable. They are designed to promote an ‘all-round’ level of improvement of your linguistic skills and abilities. These Courses take place in groups consisting of international students from across the globe. The classes are dynamically led by teachers who speak English as a native language.
  • English ‘In the City’ is an ideal course for combining both theory and linguistic practice, allowing you to explore the cultural aspects of the city chosen for your stay. This course is relatively new and consists of class sessions and thematic issues that you will experience in everyday interactions and conversations.
  • The Course Preparation for the international certification exams are tailor-made for those who wish to achieve the best possible result in these tests and are based on thematic analysis, exercises and simulations of the relevant exam.
  • One-to-One English lessons are ideal for students with specific needs, or those who wish to integrate a more personal approach to their studies.

Which South African cities have the best English Courses for adults?

South Africa is extremely vast, so we’ve preferred to limit our options to the most internationally renowned cities. Find the list of cities and sample prices on this page or via the ‘Destinations’ menu above.

When can I start my English Course in South Africa?

Not everyone can opt to take an English Course in pre-established periods, so we have only selected courses which can be started whenever you want. These are modular and can be taken at any time of year, for a duration of your choice, ranging from 1 week to 48 weeks. Courses commence every Monday (except where the Monday falls on a national holiday in South Africa)..

Who can take an English Course in South Africa?

The English Courses in South Africa are aimed at a very large, international audience. To understand whether a particular course is for you, you need to understand what you are looking for and what you aim to achieve. You can use our ‘Support’ section in the main menu to find general descriptions of the courses, or consult with us directly. Taking an English Course in South Africa that ultimately helps you obtain a certificate of merit or a real international certification can be considered essential to some CVs and careers, so this may be something worth keeping in mind. Today, English has become indispensable to business and international communications, so if you’re looking to invest in a period abroad to expand your knowledge and skills in the English language, then you have come to the right website!


Why choose an English Course with Full-Immersion?

Venturing through the jungle of educational offers in South Africa can be confusing, not to mention a waste of precious time. Our selection of English Courses along with the platforms we provide, makes choosing a solution in line with your goals a lot easier and attainable. We are extremely passionate about our work and endeavour to bring you the best English Courses that other countries and cities provide, with high attention to detail as well as a stronger focus on mature students. Our advice is free and quick, and you can simply drop us an email, phone call or speak to us via our Live Chat..

We were among the first to have put in so much energy, focus and development of a section dedicated exclusively to adult students over 30+ – and we are proud of it!

How long do I have to take an English Course for?

This can be a tough question to answer, as it depends on a number of factors. For instance, what is your language goal? What is your starting level? Statistically, by taking an Intensive English Course in South Africa (30 lessons per week), it will take you an average of 7-8 weeks to complete a language level. For example, from Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate level. On the other hand, however, each One-to-One lesson gives you twice as much as what you would get from Group lessons, but at a much higher expense..

How much does an English Course in South Africa cost?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions. The prices will vary according to the destination chosen as well as the English Course type and accommodation requested. If you already have an option to stay somewhere, then the English Course will cost you significantly less. We do provide you with a simple calculation tool (available at the bottom of every ‘Destinations’ page) which allows you to get a quote for English Courses and accommodation in a matter of seconds!