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How much do the courses cost? Find the prices here: PRICES

Can I use the online calculator freely? Absolutely yes, you can play around with it and receive a quote via email, see the page PRICES

What is included in the prices? Course, accommodation (if selected), teaching material, support, welcome party, certificate of end of course, WiFi, registration (taxi if you book a package with accommodation in Malta).

Are there any additional fees (such as registration fees)? No.

Is it possible to receive a quote?
Yes, instantly, from this page: PRICES

May you send me a quote? It is not usually necessary, as the price calculator is simple and quick to use. You can find it on the page PRICES

Are the online quotes free? Yes.

What do I do after I receive the quote? You may proceed to booking online.

Are there any discounts on English courses? Yes, very often.

Where can I find the discounts? Go to the PRICES page, when a package is in “special offer” or have a special discount, you will find the price without discount crossed out and the discounted price highlighted. We are very careful to offer the lowest prices on the web for the chosen packages, if you find a lower price let us know, we might have missed it, we will beat it!

Are there any discounts for group bookings? Yes, if you are a group of 3 or more people, kindly contact us directly for more information.

Is a couple considered a ‘group’? No.

Are there any special offers? Yes, when a package is on special offer or has a special discount, you will find the price without discount “crossed out” and the discounted price “highlighted” on the page PRICES. We do our best to keep our promise and offer the lowest prices on the web for the chosen packages, if you find a lower price on the web and prefer to book with us let us know, we will match it or beat it!

Are there discounts on long-term courses? Yes, always.

What does long-term mean? 12 or more weeks.

How to book? Simply go to the page PRICES or visit the page of your favorite destination and find the prices/booking form at the bottom.

Do I have to book online? Yes.

If I want to start my course very soon (in a few days), can I book online anyway?
Exception 1: if there are 4 or fewer days left before your arrival at the destination, you will need to contact us via chat or email to check the feasibility.
Exception 2: if you need a visa. Special note: if you choose a package in the USA of 24 or 30 lessons/week, for which you need an F1 visa, and there are not at least 5-6 weeks of notice, the reservation will be changed to General English (20 lessons/week) because this particular course does not require a Visa if your stay less than 90 days.

There are more than two weeks left to the starting date of the course, can I book online?
Exception: if you need a visa. Special note: if you choose a package in the USA of 24 or 30 lessons/week, for which you need an F1 visa, and there are not at least 5-6 weeks of notice, the reservation will be changed to General English (20 lessons/week) because this particular course does not require a Visa if your stay less than 90 days.

Is the reservation binding or can I cancel? See the CANCELLATION section.

How long do I have to wait for the confirmation of registration? If you only book an English Course, you will receive the confirmation within a few hours. If your package includes accommodation, then you will have to wait 24-48 hours. If the course is overseas, then allow an additional 24 hours due to time differences. During peak season, the waiting time may be longer.

May I amend/modify my booking if it has already been confirmed? It depends on the specific case, when possible there is a cost of between €50 to €150, according to the complexity of the amendments.

Do I have to pay a deposit to book? Yes.

How much is the deposit?

Online deposit for bookings made less than 21 days from course start (considered “last minute”)

Group course: 20€
One to One tuition: 250€
Group course + One to One tuition: 250€
Group course + Accommodation: 250€
Group course + One to One tuition + Accommodation: 250€
One to One tuition + Accommodation: 250€

Online deposit for bookings made more than 21 days from course start (considered “standard”)

Group course: 20€
One to One tuition: 50€
Group course + One to One tuition: 50€
Group course + Accommodation: 50€
Group course + One to One tuition + Accommodation: 50€
One to One tuition + Accommodation: 50€

When will the deposit be required? In the last phase of the booking form.

How do I pay the initial deposit? The deposit is paid through PayPal, a secure payment system, via credit card.

Can I make the initial deposit by bank transfer? No.

Why do you require a deposit to book? The deposit serves to guarantee the reservation of your seat until the full payment is received by the school. As soon as the school has received your payment, the initial deposit will be returned to you.

When is the initial deposit refunded? Once the school receives the full payment of the course.

How is the initial deposit refunded? Via PayPal.

In which cases is the deposit withheld? A registration fee coverage is retained that alerts you to registration.

How long does it take for the initial deposit to be credited back? If you used your PayPal balance, then the refund is immediate. If you have simply used your credit card through the PayPal system, then it could take anywhere from a few hours to, very rarely, 3 weeks. The timing will vary according to the credit institution that issued the credit card. If you believe the delay is caused by us, please contact us for your query. Please ensure to follow the procedure described in the email confirmation of registration. If you do not promptly send us the proof of payment, then this may cause delays in releasing the deposit.

The card used for the initial deposit has since expired. How can I retrieve the deposit? When you made the initial deposit, you used your card through the PayPal system. Since the refund has been issued, but the card associated with your PayPal account has expired, the system has temporarily saved the deposit in your PayPal virtual wallet, so the amount is waiting to be transferred (by you) on to a new card or to your bank account (or alternatively you can use the PayPal credit as a payment method for a future transaction on ebay or an infinity of other sites). You can log in to your PayPal.com account using the email and password chosen when creating the account in first place. Once logged in, you can choose to associate PayPal with a new credit card or your bank account, and from there proceed to the transfer of your credits. We can not send wire transfers, we can only refund the deposits using the same method used to receive them, in this case PayPal.

What are the accepted methods of payment? To pay for your course: credit card and / or bank transfer. To pay the online deposit: credit card through PayPal.

Where can I find the details of my payment? In the confirmation email that we send you 24/48 hours after you book online, the confirmation of registration will contain an pro forma invoice stating the details of the payment to be made.

How do I make a bank transfer? You would need to go to your bank and ask at the counter service, or pay via your online banking system.

How do I pay with a card online? A link to the online payment section of the relevant school will be sent to you.

How do I make a partial payment? When you open the link that we send you, change the amount displayed and proceed with the payment.

By what date do I have to make the payment? For bookings received 21+ days prior to the course start date, payment must be received 15 days prior to the course start date. For “last minute” bookings, received less than 21 days before the course start date, the payment must normally be received 48 hours after receiving confirmation of registration, and in any case no later than the maximum limit communicated by our staff. For bookings of packages that require consular visa, the total payment is normally requested 72 hours after receipt of the registration confirmation.

Can I pay for the course via instalments? Yes, you can send you payment in 2 equal payments. The school must still, however, receive the full amount at least 15 days prior to your arrival at the destination.

Can I make a partial payment by credit card? Yes. Open the link that we send you, change the amount displayed and proceed with the payment. To make the remainder of the payment, visit the link again and enter the remaining amount to be paid.

Can I make a partial payment by bank transfer? Yes.

Will I get an invoice? Yes, from the school you enroll with.

Can I request an invoice if I have a VAT number? Yes, enter your tax information in the booking form. Changes requested after a booking is confirmed may be subject to payment of extra services.

May I have separate invoices, one for the course only and one for accommodation? Yes, but please request this prior to confirming the booking, as changes made after booking are subject to additional fees.

Can I cancel the reservation? Yes, but check out carefully the terms and conditions of the school with which you are registered, there may be penalties. Remember that you accept those terms and conditions by checking the box “I accept the Terms and Conditions” at the time of booking, so ALWAYS and only refer to the school terms and conditions of your destination for each specific question, go to TERMS AND CONDITIONS, after opening the page, select the destinations below and follow the links. We can not maintain an updated version of all the terms and conditions of all the schools we work with directly on our site, but on our site you will find the links to those terms on the school’s website. If you have any kind of question about the terms and conditions of the reference school, we are at your disposal, you can contact us through the contact area.

Is it possible to ‘transfer’ my reservation to friend, colleague or family member? No.

Is it possible to ‘freeze’ my credit instead of cancelling my reservation? Normally, no. However, in some cases, the learning centre may grant the possibility to ‘freeze’ the credits for future use, according to the relevant terms and conditions. The timing for the evaluation of these cases is at least 14 working days.

How is the refund issued in case of cancellation? Refunds are made via the same method and into the account that provided the original payment. If the payment was made by bank transfer, then the customer must provide us with the complete list of data: Bank Name, Bank Country, IBAN, Swift/ BIC Code, Benficiary Name, Beneficiary Country.

What is the minimum age of participation for an English course? The minimum age is 18 years old.

Minors and family stay, what are the rules for the stay (curfew, meals, etc.)? We currently do not offer courses for Junior students.

What is the maximum age of participation? The maximum age is 150 years old! ? As we have said earlier, there is no limit to learning.

I am over 30 years old and would like to study with my peers! If you’re over 30, then check out the page OVER 30

I’m 19, 20, 28, 32, 46, 54, 67……etc. What is the most suitable destination for ME? Go to the main menu and hover your mouse over ‘Destination’. You’ll see different ages specified next to the name of destination making it easy for you to get a clearer picture of what courses are offered and where. For more detailed statistics, on each page of the destination, you’ll find a chart that provides you with the average ages and nationalities of students visiting that particular destination.

What are the destinations of the courses? The available destinations are available by clicking ‘Destinations’ on the main menu.

Are other destinations available aside from those listed on the site? No.

What destinations are recommended for those over 30, 40 and 50? Visit the page OVER 30

What are the choices of accommodation? It may seem like a trivial question, but the key to answering this is to know what you are looking for. Do you prefer residing with other students, or do you prefer a more independent form of accommodation? Each accommodation type offered by the language schools are different, so make sure you choose the one that’s right for you in order to get the most of your experience whilst studying abroad.

Small and Cosy – (for ex. A Host Family or Bed & Breakfast). For a truly authentic experience! You would be placed with local families, in a secure environment where the hospitality is given with the love and passion of the locals. This choice will allow you to make friends, practice English every day, and get the best advice of where to go and things to do in your spare time. This is not a hotel, so bear in mind that appropriate behaviour and good manners will be required, so you will need to your share to maintain a healthy relationship with your host family.

Modern and Stylish – (for ex. Suites, studio flats or entire apartments). For independence and complete privacy! Each room or apartment comes in various sizes, shapes, colours and design. Some come well-furnished, while others are sheer luxury (especially for those who have a passion for design). Whilst depending on your budget, this accommodation type would be ideal for those seeking a more detached experience.

Festive and Young – (for ex. Student House). For those who crave excitement and thrive off being sociable! It will only take you a couple of hours to make friends and be planning the night out ahead. This accommodation type is filled with the chatter, laughter and excitement of other students and puts you in direct contact with others from all over the world.

Relaxed and Social – (for ex. A residence or shared apartment). For a mix between privacy and company! This accommodation type provides a bit of ‘action’, yet a in a more private and relaxed setting. A shared apartment still provides you with enough privacy, whilst also offers the company of other international students.

Price of Accommodation – Can the cheapest turn into the most expensive? Travellers on a budget are often looking for the cheapest accommodation they could find, but forget to take into consideration any additional expenses! For example, if your language centre is not within walking distance to your accommodation, then you may need to take the subway or a bus. If there is no refrigerator or kitchenette then you may need to fork out money on food every day, such as breakfast, which is only provided for in certain accommodation types. You need to keep in mind that there are other costs that need to be taken into account. Make sure you’re aware of these before you take any decisions.

Location – What is the best location for my accommodation? Most students who book through us always request accommodation that is closest to the city’s centre. They prefer to be close to the heart of the city, with easy access to cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, cultural events, shopping centres and so on. Most do not want to hassle with subways or buses early mornings, but those that do opt to stay on the outskirts of a city may sometimes discover other aspects that tourists do not get to see. They can offer quirky and interesting neighbourhoods, quiet parks, more peaceful streets. You should not underestimate the location of the property you select to stay in, or the duration of your stay. These should be dependent on your preference, your interests and your budget.

How can I book a package that includes accommodation? Select an accommodation type from the drop-down menu you find on the prices page, or on the price calculator form at the bottom of each destination page.

Can I book the accommodation only? No, you must book a course in order to be able to book accommodation.

What basic services and amenities will I find in the accommodation? These can vary depending on the accommodation selected, so read all the details listed under each of the accommodations found of every destination page. Most accommodations include bed sheets and blankets, heating, weekly cleaning services and Wi-Fi.

When can I enter the accommodation? Arrivals are scheduled for Saturdays or Sundays (you can choose this on the booking form). Departures are always on a Saturday.

What are the Chek-In and Check-Out days for the accommodation? Chek-Ins are scheduled for Saturdays or Sundays (you can choose this on the booking form). Check-Outs are always on a Saturday.

What are the Chek-In and Check-Out times for the accommodation? Some accommodations have strict schedules whilst others, that may have a 24-hour reception for example, can be more lenient. For Host Families, check-in is usually before midnight. You will find detailed information in the registration email.

Can I add extra nights in the accommodation? If you wish to book an ENTIRE WEEK extra of accommodation only, and the school can accommodate the request, then you may. Extensions on a daily basis would not be possible and we would recommend you try booking.com if you wish to add just a few extra nights.

Does my accommodation have a kitchen? There is a list of accommodation types on each destination page, where you can click on each type to see what services and amenities are offered.

Does my accommodation have a private bathroom? There is a list of accommodation types on each destination page, where you can click on each type to see what services and amenities are offered.

Will my accommodation be cleaned weekly? There is a list of accommodation types on each destination page, where you can click on each type to see what services and amenities are offered.

Will the accommodation provide bed sheets? There is a list of accommodation types on each destination page, where you can click on each type to see what services and amenities are offered.

Will I find a washing machine in the accommodation? There is a list of accommodation types on each destination page, where you can click on each type to see what services and amenities are offered.

Is the accommodation accessible by lift? There is a list of accommodation types on each destination page, where you can click on each type to see what services and amenities are offered.

On what floor is the accommodation? Many accommodations are spread over several floors, so we will not be able to have an aswer for this. Some rooms are assigned by the staff on site at the time of check-in.

Will towels be provided in the accommodation? There is a list of accommodation types on each destination page, where you can click on each type to see what services and amenities are offered.

Will I find a hair-dryer in the accommodation? There is a list of accommodation types on each destination page, where you can click on each type to see what services and amenities are offered.

Will Wi-Fi be provided in the accommodation? There is a list of accommodation types on each destination page, where you can click on each type to see what services and amenities are offered.

Who do I contact if there are problems with the accommodation? In the accommodation card sent to you with the registration confirmation, you will fin contact details in case any problems arise and in case of an emergency.

Can I lock the door to the room? In most cases, no, due to fire and safety regulations.

May I request a safety deposit box to store my valuables? Most rooms do not provide this feature, so any valuables should be kept on your person.

If I want to change my accommodation, who may I contact? You would need to talk directly with the school’s housing department.

If my accommodation is not clean, who can I contact? It will have to be reported to the school’s housing department, who will aim to have it cleaned within 24/48 hours.

If something in the accommodation is faulty, who can I contact? In the accommodation card sent to you with the registration confirmation, you will fin contact details in case any problems arise.

If a better room becomes available, can I change mine? You would need to request this from the school’s housing department.

Can I see photos of the accommodations? Yes, visit the page of your favorite destination, you will find the list of accommodation with a link to the page with photos, maps, and detailed information.

What does ‘shared’ accommodation mean? Shared accommodation would mean that you will have a single room (or a twin room which is shared with another international student) and wherein the common areas are also shared, such as the living room, bathroom and kitchen. There is also the option for a private bathroom in specific apartments, but these are subject to availability.

How many students will there be in a ‘shared’ accommodation? Most of the student apartments have 2 or 3 bedrooms, each room can accommodate a maximum of two people, and there are always single rooms.

How many people do I have to share the bathroom with in a ‘shared’ accommodation? In most “shared accommodations” and apartments there is at least one bathroom for every two students.

Is the Placement Fee for the accommodation payable at every registration? Yes.

Will the Placement Fee be paid again if I change my destination during the course period? Yes.

Can I request accommodation with a private bathroom? Yes, you can. There is suitable lodging which provides you with the option to select a private bathroom, and this needs to be specified during the booking process. The rooms with a private bathroom are high in demand, and therefore are not always available, especially during peak seasons.

Looking for host family accommodation without a course? Try HOMESTAY

How does a the system of staying with a Host Family work? You will be hosted within an English-speaking household. You will have your own private room, or a room shared with another student, and you will have access to certain common areas.

Can I help myself to food in the kitchen? No, for safety reasons the use of the kitchen within a Host Family is reserved for family members who will ensure you are served according to the package you have chosen (for ex. only breakfast, or breakfast/dinner, or breakfast/lunch/dinner). However, you will be given your own space in the fridge and pantry to store drinks and snacks for yourself.

Are the linen and cleaning included? Of course! The family will provide and change your sheets and towels as well as the cleaning. However, all students are encouraged to try and keep the mess to minimum and to maintain cleanliness and order when using both his or her room and the common areas.

I have an allergy/ food intolerance/ health issue, are there any families suitable for me? Certainly! You can specify what your concerns and needs are in the booking form and we will notify the school staff. They will then select a family that will cater to your requirements. In some cases special diets are subject to the payment of an extra fee, if this is the case we will inform you in good time.

I sent the Host Family an email but I have not received a reply. What should I do? Some families do not regularly access their emails, especially if they are people of a certain age. If you cannot contact the family by email: You can send a text messa ge to the number that is shown on the family profile, you can call the family directly on the number that is shown on the family profile.

How far away from the school will the Host Family be? It is not possible to answer this question precisely and immediately because each host family is contacted and confirms their availability only after receiving the reservation and the profile of the student requesting hospitality.
If you only want to get a general idea , the average family-school travel time in the various destinations is approximately:

30 minutes in the UK (London 40);
15 minutes in Malta;
40 minutes in the USA;
40 minutes in Canada;
25 minuti in Irlanda;

In the profile of the family that is sent to you about 10 days before your arrival at the destination you will find the link with the suggested route from Google Maps to get to school. If you need to use public transport, on the Google Maps page you will find the suggested menas and their timetables.

Could I have the contact details on the family before I depart? The Family Profile is sent to the student within 10 days prior to their departure date. The Family Profile indicates the names, ages, professions and interests of each family member that resides within the household. Contacting the family before you arrive is highly recommended, and will the families will greatly appreciate it! Together with the Family Profile, we always send a link with the route suggested by Google Maps to get to school. In case you need to use public transport, on the Google Maps page you will find the suggested means and the relative timetables.

Looking for host family accommodation without a course? Try HOMESTAY

How are the groups set up? The groups of classes are made up of a diverse mix of international students from all over the world. The groups are based on the English level determined by the test you take upon your arrival.

Passionate About English? I love English! It’s a language I’m passionate about, a language that everyone speaks, and a language that can take you many places around the world! !
If English is more of a passion of yours rather than just another subject, then the General English course (20 or 30 lessons/ week) would be for you! An effective, engaging and interactive programme covering all four key areas of language communication. The perfect course for fluency, and for your future conversations, whether you’ll use it for work, making friends, travelling the world or simply for fun.

Senior Adult Beginners (50+) I am a Senior student (over 50+) and I have a basic level of English, but would like to experience spending some time living and learning abroad. – There is no age limit to learning! You will be placed in a class with students who are at your level of English. You can attend a General English course (20 or 30 lessons/ week) and if you feel like you may want a more personalised approach, then you can integrate the course with private One-to-One lessons.

Enterprising Students I want to experience the culture, the heart and soul of the language in an English-speaking country. I want to speak it fluently, like the locals do! – If your aim is to become fluent, then you need to embed yourself in a country where English is the native language. It takes time and patience, but there are semester courses as well as academic year courses (which are a minimum of 6 months) available for you. These are highly structured courses that could open up endless opportunities in work and education both within the native country and internationally.

Professional or Commercial I want to broaden my professional horizons and take advantage of new job opportunities worldwide! – If you already have a Pre-Intermediate level of English, then you may choose the English For Work course (30 lessons/ week). This is a balanced mix of both the General and Business English courses. The morning classes focus on the deeper aspects of colloquial English, whilst the afternoon classes focus on expression and vocabulary within the world of business. If you are looking to boost your career, then this is the ideal course for you.

Certificate, Please! I want to prepare myself to take an exam and be able to obtain an internationally recognized certificate in English proficiency! – In this case, it would be best to enrol in an IELTS preparation course. This course is based on questions extracted from official tests and simulations designed by the developers of the examinations. You will be guided by the information and experience of professionals and experts in the language.

Specialist Professionals I want my skills to become more international within my specific area of expertise. I need to learn the vocabulary and technical terms within my field. – If you are either a professional or a specialist with specific targeted requirements then a General English course (20 or 30 lessons/ week) supplemented with private One-to-One sessions (where a programme would be designed ad hoc to specifically focus your technical area) would be the best solution for you.

How do I know if the course I chose is right for my level? The General, Intensive and Semi-Intensive courses are suitable for all levels, excluding absolute beginners, while to attend English for the Work a minimum Pre-intermediate level is required. All students take a level test on the first day of class, after which they are placed in the most appropriate class.

What happens if I enrol in ‘English For Work’ and my initial test score is not of the required level? You will then be placed in an Intensive course, where you will follow the same number of lessons per week (30), at the same price.

I’m a former student, do I have to redo the language level test in case of new registration? Only if more than two months elapse between the end of a course and the beginning of the next one.

How will it be structured? If you choose a “light” course, then your classes will be held in the mornings only. An intensive course will have lessons both in the mornings and in the afternoons. You will be assigned to a class of students from all over the world, and from all walks of life but of the same level of English as yours. In the evenings, you will have the opportunity to participate in any of the activities that the school provides, which are organised by the wonderful leisure staff of the school itself. They grant the students with an opportunity to get to know each other’s cultures and to encourage both learning and socialisation between them. It creates a communal atmosphere, and an excellent learning environment.

How long is a Full-Immersion English language course? There isn’t a time limit, however, in order to increase effectiveness, a course abroad should be no less than 4 weeks in duration. To give you a clearer idea, it would take approximately 7 to 8 weeks to make a transition from one level to the next, for example, from Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate.

Does it make sense to follow a course for a short time? Yes, even short courses can be very useful, on several levels.

I would like information on the curriculum of the course. Yes, more detailed information on courses provided can be found in the main menu, under the ‘English Courses’ tab.

Is there an online side course that I can take together with the phisical course at school? Yes.

Is it possible to follow two or more types of courses during my stay? Yes, you can follow different courses every new week, the courses chosen should ideally (but not necessarily) have the same intensity in terms of lessons per week, and the same price. For example: Intensive English and English for Work (both consiting of 30 lessons per week). To book a package of this type select the course with which you want to start the first week, and book it for the whole period. Subsequently, during your first day of class, notify the management that you intend to alternate two courses.

Are the courses every day, all day? General English courses are Mondays to Fridays, and held only in the mornings, approximatey 09:00am – 12:15pm. Intensive courses take up most of the day, but are not full-time. For more information on time schedules for specific courses, please go to the main menu, click ‘English Courses’ and select the course that interests you.

Are there evening/night time courses? No.

Are there courses in the weekends? No.

When do the courses start? Normally every Monday, all year round, with the exception of the Mondays that fall on a Bank Holiday – see the Closing Dates Section for more info.

Why can’t I start the course on a Tuesday or a Wednesday? Yes, but you would still incur the cost of the original Monday start date, and registration would need to be listed as of the Monday. We would strongly recommend that you try and stick to the course programme and start on the date stipulated. However, when completing the online reservation, please send us an email letting us know if there are any issues with starting on the stipulated date. The placement test (which usually occurs on Mondays) will be moved to the day you actually start.

Is the date of check-in flexible? If you book an accommodation the check in day can be either a Saturday or a Sunday, the check out day is always Saturday.

Will I find someone upon my arrival at the airport? If this is the first time you’re travelling alone, and don’t feel very confident, you can book a taxi for your arrival (at an additional fee). An employee of the school will pick you up at the airport and will accompany you to the accommodation, where they’ll help you settle down and give you so me information about where to go on your first day, and what’s around you. You can always speak to the Services section on site at the school, and you will also be given emergency contact numbers.

What days do schools close for Bank Holidays? The closing days are shown for your convenience on the quotation/booking form of the destination of your choice, right under the drop down menu showing the course start date.

Do the schools close on those days of Bank Holidays? Yes.

What are Bank Holidays? They are those days of National Holiday in the English-speaking countries where both the schools and most of the commercial activities, remain closed.

What happens if there is one or more Bank Holidays in the booked period? No lessons will be held on Bank Holiday.

What should I do on the days when the school is closed? You have total freedom, take the opportunity to enjoy the city!

The lessons lost due to the closure of the school are recovered? Not normally, except for One to One lessons.

Are there any refunds if I miss a lesson day due to a closure? Normally not. For schools that do not have a precise policy on the recovery of lessons, we at Full-Immersion have decided to offer 10% discount on the course, under the following conditions: the reservation must be only one week and the request for 10% discount must be made before booking. There will be no discounts if you book more than 1 week course in total. Find the lost lessons policy (due to bank Holidays) in the terms and conditions of the reference school, visit our page TERMS AND CONDITIONS for more info.

I do not want to lose lessons because of Bank Holidays, what should I do? You can choose different dates or tell us in advance (before booking) that you want to interrupt the course for the week in which the bank holiday is present and then resume.

Where can I find a list of Bank Holidays? In our page TERMS AND CONDITIONS

What are One to One lessons? They are individual lessons, only you and your private teacher.

How do the One to One lessons take place? They take place inside the school building, where you and your private teacher will focus on developing your language skills in a targeted and personalized way.

Can I book One to One lessons? Yes.

When can I start my One to One lessons? Every Monday, all year round, with rare exceptions in special cases.

Can I have specialist one-to-one lessons or issues related to my work? Yes, you will need to complete a Needs Analysis after making the reservation.

Can I add One to One lessons directly on site? Yes, as long as they are available. One to One are in great demand and it is best to book them.

Can I add One to One lessons to a group course? Yes.

Can I have a One to One lessons package? Yes.

Can I book a school accommodation even if I follow One to One classes? Yes.

Can I participate in the school’s extra-curricular activities even if I follow one-to-one classes? Yes.

Can I have my One to One lessons only in the morning, or just in the afternoon? It is not possible to guarantee it a priori, the teachers selected for One to One teach also in group courses. If there were a large number of high school students on the day you arrived at school, and the teaching department thought it necessary to create a new class for these students, your teacher could be assigned to that class. Since your individual lessons can not fit with that teacher’s teaching time, your schedule will vary accordingly.

Can I follow my One to One lessons in the evening or on weekends? No.

How much do the One to One cost? You can find the prices on the page PRICES

Why do the One to One lessons have variable prices based on the school in which they are held? Different schools adopt different pricing policies, often but not necessarily this is in some way related to the teachers’ economic treatment, which varies according to qualifications, experience and other elements.

At the end of the course, will I be given a certificate? Yes, at the end of each course you will be given a certificate of participation, which states the dates of course you attended, the type of course completed and the language level achieved.

At the end of the course, is an internationally recognised certificate issued to me? No, at the end of each course you will be given a certificate of participation, but is it not internationally recognised. Certificates which are internationally recognised are issued only after passing a test (the most popular is IELTS).

What is an exam for international linguistic certification? It is a test that certifies your language level, there are several types, the best known are IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, CAE, CPE.

Which is the most suitable exam for my needs? See the EXAMS section in the main menu, or contact us.

Can I sit for an IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, CAE, CPE, TOEIC, ESOL (…) internationally recognised exam at the end of my course?
Yes, when you arrive at the school, you can speak to one of the staff members at the front desk. They will help you book your exam.

Can I book a specific preparation course for the IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, CAE, CPE, TOEIC, ESOL (…) examination?  Yes, select the exam preparation course of your choice when booking your package, note that minimum levels and start dates are available on the page EXAMS

What are the entry requirements for an IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, CAE, CPE, TOEIC, ESOL (…) preparation course? For most of the preparation courses, you must have at least an Intermediate level of English or above. For an estimation of your English level, please see ‘Levels’. Note that minimum levels and start dates are available on the page EXAMS

When do the IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, CAE, CPE, TOEIC, ESOL (…) preparation courses start? IELTS and TOEFL preparation courses generally start every Monday, every week of the year, all year round. The other courses have fixed start dates. See the page EXAMS

Where are the IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, CAE, CPE, TOEIC, ESOL (…) preparation courses held? Courses are held in many destinations, for a complete and updated list visit the pages of the various exam preparation courses, you will find the list of destinations in which these are available.

How do I book an exam preparation course? Simply select your exams preperation course when booking, note that minimum levels and start dates are available on the page EXAMS

How long is an exam preparation course? IELTS and TOEFL preparation courses generally start every Monday of every week of the year and have a flexible duration, you can choose to follow these courses for as little as 1 week, up to 12 weeks or more. The other courses have fixed start dates and fixed durations, see the page EXAMS

Are all the schools found on full-immersion.com accredited?  Yes, the schools are all accredited by government regulatory bodies of the respective countries. Accreditation is a guarantee of quality granted by a strict and careful evaluation by particular bodies. Accrediting bodies should ensure that the school respects and meets the characteristics of quality and safety established. The goal is to protect the students. The evaluation is carried out via regular inspections, and schools are monitored frequently. Only those achieving the best levels of service receive accreditation.
An accreditation body is an organisation that aims to carefully evaluate a school. The accreditation is granted when the agency believes that the services offered by the school fully meet the requirements of excellence that have been established. All the schools that you will find listed on the full-immersion.com website have been prudently examined by sanctioning bodies, and have been awarded accreditation.

What are the main accrediting bodies?
English UK: The national association of accredited English language centres, English UK, has 470+ member centres all accredited to the highest standards, and ensuring the best teaching and care for students. Note: Accreditation applies to all schools based in the UK on the full-immersion.com site.

British Council: Based in six continents and over 100 countries, and working with millions of people each year, the British Council is the UK’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. Note: Accreditation applies to all schools based in the UK found on the full-immersion.com website.

AAIEP: The AAIEP promotes well-being and educational success of their students through the support and professional standards for Intensive English programs. It benefits more than 400,000 students who visit the US to follow an intensive course in English and live within a native speaking country.

FELTOM: The Federation of English Language Teaching Organisations in Malta is an association of language schools that sets and monitors quality standards for its members. Not only does the association regulate the qualifications of the teaching staff, but also the facilities available at the schools.

Cambridge ESOL Test Centre: The Cambridge ESOL Test Centers are present in over 130 countries and they examine around 4 million people every year. This institution has been established for over 100 years, its aim is to imrove the formation and development of English language skills. they work in symphony with international goverment and private education centers.

IELTS Test Center: IELTS is an internationally recognized English language test (International English Language Testing System). Its internationally accepted as proof of  understanding of the English language by more than 9000 organizations, it operates over 900 examination centers in over 130 countries. Many of the schools on Full-Immersion are certified IELTS examination centers.

TOEIC Test Center: TOEIC is a specific test, that for over 30 years has evaluated English language competency at the work place. Currently there exist, over 14,000 agencies, government agencies and learning institutions in over 150 countries which use the TOEIC test point system. Just in 2013 over 7 million tests were submitted

TOEFL iBT Test Center: The  TOEFL iBT® test is an online test, offered more than 50 times a year, all over the world in authorized centersi. Its essential for those students wishing to study in an English speaking country. There also exists a program called ETS TOEFL which gives support and guidance for those students preparing for the test.

TESL Canada: TESL is a international federation whose scope it is to promote excellence in the teaching and learning of English as a foreign language.

Languages Canada: Languages Canada is a government recognized authority, whose certification is subject to rigorous and high standards.

ALTO: ALTO is an association that offers a global platform for leaders and decision makers in the language travel sector. Its principle goal is to incrementally develop and improve the sector via networking, professional development, idea and information exchanges.

ACCET: The primary scope of this entity is to provide accreditation at an institutional level the organizations that primarily provide educational programs and personal development and professional training.

How do schools earn accreditation? The assessment team of the accrediting body visits the school to verify every aspect in the smallest detail. The team then draws up a report on the visit and then delivers it to the accreditation commission that draws it up. The commission then recognizes, after careful examination, the accreditation to the school, only if it considers that it offers a top-level service for the students.

What does an accreditation body control when visiting a school? All the staff (including teachers), Classrooms, School facilities, Student assistance services, Student accommodation, English courses and planned classes, Accounting and finance, School administration and how school is managed, Satisfaction of students.

This is done through interviews with staff, students and teachers, as well as through the observation of lessons, the methodical control of documentation and a visit to all the premises of the school and accommodation: when the accrediting body declares that the criteria have been met, accreditation is granted.

Why choose an accredited school? Just to start with, an accredited school lets you benefit from visa concessions and allowances for immigration for students requesting visas for study reasons. Student visas are only granted to students attending an accredited school. 
Accredit schools must constantly and consistently maintain their accreditation’s necessary high levels of quality. which are never permitted to go down. The accredited schools are subject to rigorous inspections, controls and auditing by organizations that have the interests  and well being of foreign students at heart.
-The controls made by the accreditation organizations guarantee that:

-Teachers are well qualified.

-Classrooms and Schools are well kept and equipped with good ambiance and relaxation areas too.

-Accommodations are adequate, regularly inspected, safe and well kept.

-Junior students have 24 hour supervision.

-Advertising and marketing realistically reflect the service(s) supplied.

The accredited school that you will find on full-immersion offer you a scholastic environment that is able to help and sustain your studies, as well as qualified teachers equipped with the right teaching aides that ensure lessons that satisfy the demands and necessities of students. By choosing an accredited school you’re guaranteed the maximum security, value, assistance, information, activities and accommodations of quality.

If I travel in a group, will the full-immersion courses be held with that group or individually? Departures are normally on an individual basis, or as a two, however, you are free to form your own ‘mini-group’ of friends, family, colleagues and so on. You can contact us for a quote! Be advised, however, that your family and friends are required to take a course in English at the same school as yours in order to stay with you in the same accommodation.

We are two friends and we would like to stay in different groups, is this possible? If your English levels are different, then it is guaranteed that you will be in separate groups and classes. If your language level is the same, then you may likely be put in the same group or class. However, if there is more than one class of the same level, you may request to be put in different classes, which is likely to be more possible during high season.

We are two friends / family members / colleagues, we would like to stay in the same class, is it possible? Yes, if you have the same level you can be placed in the same class. Important: the level of the students is established on the first day of the course, it is not possible to guarantee the inclusion in the same class before then. In some cases it is possible to submit a special request, asking that the person of a higher level (maximum one level of difference) follows the lower level course, to stay in class with the desired partner.

We are a couple, can we book a room together? Yes, if the accommodation you chose has an available double/twin room.

I would like to stay with a friend or family member, but I do NOT want to follow a course, is this possible? No. The apartments are reserved for students only. However, there is nothing to stop you from finding accommodation independently and only booking the English course through Full-Immersion.

Is the flight included in the course package? The flights are to be booked independently, which may provide you with considerable savings as you may have increased flexibility on dates if you select preferred routes. You can try out Skyscanner (recommended to compare flights) to find cheap flights to any destination in and outside of Europe. It is a reliable platform utilised by hundreds of thousands of people, every day.

When should I book my flight? We advise you to check the prices and flight routes (we recommend skyscanner.com), book your course on our site and as soon as we confirm your course reservation you can book your flight.

Is there a taxi service or a shuttle bus from the airport to the accommodation and vice versa? Yes, in most cases you have to request it and pay for it. Exception: the airport transfer service is included in the price of package bookings that include accommodation, but only in Malta.

How much does the airport transfer service cost in destinations where it is not included? The price is slightly higher than what you would pay by booking a taxi on the spot, directly at the airport. Contact us indicating airport and arrival time for a tailor made quote.

Are there any forms or special documents required to follow an English course abroad? It depends on the international agreemens between your Country of origin and the destination Country. On a general level, you must be in possession of a valid Identity Proof and/or a valid Passport, a Visa if required, a medical insurance if required, and have sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay.

For which courses and destinations is a student visa necessary? Visa info: VISA INFO

Will full-immersion get me a visa? No. Full-immersion will forward you the necessary schools invitations to start the visa procedure. The invitations are issued by the institutes/schools where you are going to study, and the institutes are authorized to issue invitations to international students. We act as intermediaries for the purpose of facilitating communication between students and institutions.

Who can guarantee me if I get a visa? Neither we, nor schools, are able to guarantee that you will obtain the visa you applied for, although we do not have an history of rejected visa applications. Immigration laws are the exclusive subject of competent institutions, so you must ALWAYS follow the procedures described in the institutional portals of the embassies and consulates of the countries you are willing to visit.

General Procedure – Student visa Check out our dedicated section: VISA INFO

Which course can I follow in the United States if I do not have an F1 Visa? Without an F1 Student Visa, you can only follow the General English group course, which consists of 20 lessons of 45 minutes each per week (you may add as many one to one lessons as you wish). If you would like to attend any other course then you would need to apply and receive an F1 Student Visa.

Does it make sense to follow a very short course for which the F1 visa is required? No. We advise you to book General English, 20 lessons per week (you may add as many one to one lessons as you wish), so you do not have to follow the long-term visa procedure.

Which destinations require a Visa? It depends on your nationality, find out more here: VISA INFO

How long does it take to receive Visas documentation? The documentation required to apply for a visa (LOA, acceptance letters, I-20, etc.) will be sent as soon as the course has been paid in full. The documentation can be sent by standard post (takes normally 7-10 days – not guaranteed as the delivery time may vary) or by express mail (it takes 3 days – guaranteed by the courier service – this service is subject to charges). Contact us to check shipping costs with updated express mail.

Are schools and accommodations accessible for those who have limited mobility? Most schools provide access to classrooms with ramps and elevators. The accommodations are not accessible to wheelchairs.

After I book, will I be given an emergency number?  Yes.

If something happens when I’m travelling, such as flight delays, problems at customs etc., whom should I contact? The emergency number for the school.

Is health insurance mandatory? If your current personal health insurance does not cover medical expenses in the country you are traveling to, yes, it is mandatory.

Is there Health Insurance for students? Yes, it is available as an optional “add on” in many destinations, it is the award-winning student insurance “guard.me”. You can add health insurance to your package when booking, you will find the policy at the reception your first day of class. In case you were asked for the insurance before your arrival at school, for example at the airport customs, you can show the documents “Booking Confirmation” and “Invoice” (which we will send you once the booking has been completed) in which they will find the item “Global Student Insurance”. In any case, you can contact the emergency number of the school and a school representative will be available for any clarification and to offer assistance.

What does insurance cover?
For complete details: GUARD ME

What period does the insurance cover? The insurance covers the course period (and accommodation period, if booked).

Can I extend the insurance coverage beyond the course start/end dates? No.


What is a Full-Immersion English course? A full-immersion English course means it will immerse you fully into the language. It is a course designed for adult students (18+) that is administered in a native-speaking country, for example, Malta, USA, Canada and UK. Currently there is only one type of course that guarantees students will speak in English throughout the duration of their stay, which maximises the results in a shorter period of time.

Can I receive a course brochure? No, we therefore encourage you to utilise the online information available on our site.

Is it an experience for kids? No. The course is taken very seriously and is highly educational and immersive. It is especially suitable (but not exclusively) for adults between the ages of 25 to 55 years of age. Some schools cater more specifically for students who are over 30. You can see the relevant section for more information.

What are the benefits of booking and English course online at Full-Immersion? Booking online guarantees that you have a stronger partner to rely on before leaving your country and during your stay abroad. It is an exclusive service offered completely free, and without increasing the cost of your course. We visit, evaluate and select the schools that are on this site, thus ensuring the quality of the facilities, services, teachers, materials and so on.

What services do you offer to students? At the first stage, we offer an orientation service via chat or email. We offer advice to students and provide detailed information on the destinations and the type of course and accommodation that would suit you and your requirements. We then follow the student and provide support and assistance during the booking process and preparation for the study trip.

How much do the services offered by Full-Immersion cost? Our consultancy services are almost all free, with some exceptions:
If you request particularly complex changes to already confirmed bookings, we may request the payment of a service for the intervention. If you cancel a course and the cancellation creates a cancelation fee, we may withhold your initial deposit to partially cover the cancellation fees required by the school where you booked your course.
If you request professional services other than those explicitly and regularly offered by us (for example, but not exclusively, the search for a course not currently proposed on the site).