Terms and Conditions

We do our best every day to ensure that users are offered unbiased, transparent and reviewed information and courses about the courses provided by our language centres. If you have any questions or concerns about the T&Cs described below, please do feel free to contact us!


The feedback received from the students is key in helping us maintain high quality. Students are strongly encouraged to send their opinions and views on the language centres, and we appreciate their suggestions for improvement. Each report is taken into consideration, and we make a conscious effort to ensure that our students are content.

2.Free Assistance

The free assistance offered during the preliminary stages of your reservation is free of charge for all the users of the website, it’s offered via our “contact us” area, from Monday to Friday, from 09.30 am to 5pm (Central Europe Time, if you live in other cuntries or time zones, keep in mind that there’s a time difference).

Our closure dates are indicated at the bottom of every page of the website.

From early June to late September our response time will increase, due to the high traffic on the website.

Full-Immersion’s free support service is never available during the weekend, after 5pm or before 9:30am. After your booking is confirmed, you will receive the contact number of the School that you can reach directly if you encounter any difficulties.

How we communicate with you:

  • Email: we offer support, regular administration, special information
  • Chat: we offer support and general information
  • Whatsapp: is used in rare cases, for urgent requests for missing details
  • SMS: is used in rare cases, for urgent requests for missing details when the student’s phone number is not associated with Whatsapp.
  • Phone: it is used only in case of urgent need or when the student’s phone number is not associated with whatsapp.

How can you communicate with us:

  • “Contact us” page/form and emails: you can request information of any kind, we respond in a very short time
  • Chat: you can request information of any kind, we respond instantly (the chat may not be available in case of too many simultaneous chats, during our internal meetings and during the holidays of our team)
  • Phone: you can request a phone contact only if you have a demonstrable emergency and you already have an active reservation, send a request for phone contact through the form “contacts”.
  • We take emergency calls very seriously, if you pretend to have an emergency and contact us by phone for general information, you will not receive assistance and you will be banned.

Acceptance of the medium

  1. Using full-immersion.com you agree to receive by email essential information for the success of your study stay. Full-immersion is a web agency, so if you contact us you must be able to use a software for sending and receiving email messages without problems, and you must be able to read at least twice a day your emails. Please do not book with us if you are not able to read and manage your emails with maximum security and timing.
  2. Using full-immersion.com you agree to be contacted by phone, Whatsapp, SMS (or other useful means as appropriate) for administrative matters of varying magnitude and urgency.
  3. Using full-immersion.com you agree that “support” for general matters (the classic requests for “more information”) will only be provided via email and, when available, via live chat.
  4. Using full-immersion.com you agree that for general matters (the classic requests for “more information”) Full-immersion will not provide you with a phone number to contact at your convenience, unless Full-immersion believes that it is an emergency or urgency.

3a.Price Calculator Form

The application is present on all destination pages within the website. This allows you to calculate a price quote for any particular course/ destination at the click of a button, without having to wait ages for a response! You can even book the desired course online directly. Please take note that as it is an application plug-in, you cannot exclude the presence of minor errors. Please do check with us if you’re unsure!

3b.The online booking process

To book a service online on full-immersion.com, follow these simple steps. First, submit a booking request and provide your details along with a small deposit. This shows your interest in the service you are requesting. After receiving your request, details, and deposit, Full-immersion checks if the package you have chosen is available at the school you have selected. If the package is available, and you have provided all the necessary information, the school will confirm your booking. Otherwise, if the package is not available or there are issues with the provided details, the booking may be declined, and you will be notified. We recommend not purchasing flights or confirming independent accommodations before receiving the enrollment confirmation.

4.Confirmation of Booking and Invoice

The booking confirmation and invoice are issued directly from the School, allowing us to pass on accurate information to our clients. You will normally receive the confirmation within 24/48 hours after reserving your course, subject to: 1) the student completing the online booking form and accepting the terms and conditions of Full-Immersion and of the chosen School; 2) the deposit being paid; and, when required, 3) the School has verified the availability of the package requested by the student. If you’re booking a package that includes accommodation, and your first choice of accommodation is not available, we’ll automatically confirm your second choice, which you selected during the booking process. This second choice of accommodation is a requirement for booking a Full-immersion package. However, you also have the option to choose “if my first choice of accommodation is not available, I want to book a course-only package.” This means that you agree to find your own accommodation through other dedicated platforms or travel agencies if your preferred choice isn’t available.

CHANGES TO BOOKINGS: Any changes to reservations which have already been confirmed are subject to an agency fee between €50 – €150. The amount is to be paid by credit card or PayPal and will be established by Full-Immersion according to the complexity of the changes requested. Reservations are considered confirmed when the student receives the ‘Registration Confirmation’ containing the invoice and confirmation of registration. Any additions or updates made directly on the site must be approved by the management of the school where the English Course has been booked. Any requests for changes, upgrades or additions may not always be accommodated or permitted by the school.  


The deposit, if required, must be paid online via credit card or Paypal, triggering the reservation request. The deposit is a guarantee of interest and is refunded to you within 24/48 hours after receipt of full payment of the course (via a Full-immersion receipt/ proof of payment). Please note that the deposit is not a payment to Full-Immersion. However, if the student decides to change dates, misses the payment deadline, cancels the reservation or refuses to pay, then the deposit will be used to cover the expenses incurred (please see number 4 for Changes to Bookings).

IMPORTANT: Deposits for “LAST MINUTE” reservations (less than 21 days before the course start date). All bookings made within 21 days of the check-in date are considered “Last Minute” bookings, and once confirmed, they cannot be cancelled without following the cancellation policy of the School you have booked with. The initial deposit for the course is higher for ‘last minute’ bookings and may be retained if you breach the terms and conditions offered by Full-Immersion and the School. 

IMPORTANT: In specific cases, for passport holders from countries requiring a visa, we may request an increased deposit to ensure the genuine educational motivation behind the booking.

6.Accepting the Terms and Conditions

Users of Full-Immersion.com are required to accept the T&Cs within the site, as well as the terms and conditions stipulated by the School in which the course has been booked at. If you do not accept the T&Cs when filling out the online booking form, then you will not be able to book a course via the site. Please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions prior to your reservation. If you are uncertain, we encourage you to contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out.


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Terms and Conditions of the Schools

Each School has its own T&Cs, which are applicable to those who enrol in an English Course. IMPORTANT: The T&Cs of each school come into force from the moment a student's registration is confirmed. Click on the individual destinations of your choice to view the terms and conditions of the relevant Schools.
San Julians, San Julians 30+, London, London 30+, Manchester, Bristol, Brighton, Cambridge, Oxford, New York, New York 30+, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Washington, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Toronto 30+, Dublin, Dublin 30+, Cape Town

EC English Schools

Terms and Conditions of the Schools in the above cities: Terms and Conditions.


Easy School of Languages, Valletta

Terms and conditions of the School: Terms and Conditions

Tigné Sliema

IELS Sliema Tigné, Malta

Terms and conditions of the School can be found here: Terms and Conditions


BELS Gozo, Malta

Terms and conditions of the School can be found here: Terms and Conditions

Spinola Bay

Maltalingua, Spinola Bay, Saint Julians

Terms and conditions of the School can be found on their website: Terms and Conditions


Cork English College, Cork, Ireland

Terms and conditions of the School can be found here: Terms and Conditions


GCI, Galway, Ireland

Terms and conditions of the School can be found here: Terms and conditions


English Naturally, Winchester, United Kingdom

Terms and conditions of the School can be found here: Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions One to One online

One to One online


These Terms and conditions are exclusively intended for the One to One online courses connected to the One to One Online page and its variation available in other languages: https://www.full-immersion.com/inglese-one-to-one-online/


One to One online lessons are normally provided by private citizens to private citizens.

Full-immersion works as a “marketing platform” to promote the teachers profiles online, and guarantees that the teachers are suitable for the job. The teachers are not in any way employees of Full-immersion, we just know them in person and promote their services on our platform against a commission that they pay to us.

It is the student’s responsibility to maintain the best possible relation with the teacher, and to get organized to complete the cycle of private studies online in the best possible way.

We will be happy to help the students and the teachers, should any issue arise before, during or after the lessons.


1-Age limits

You must be 18 years old or more to use this service, if you’re younger you should ask your parents or guardians the written permission to take this course, and contact us before booking.

2-Teachers and lessons scheduling

In the remote chance that the specific teacher you’ve chosen becomes suddenly unavailable, we reserve the right to put you in touch or switch your lessons with another teacher (similar capabilities and characteristics, same price).

Your online classes should take place following the schedule agreed with your teacher and stated in the email containing the final proposal that is sent to you shortly after the first free online meeting.


The instructions for the payment will be sent to you directly by your teacher, full-immersion is not involved in the payment process. Teachers generally accept credit or debit cards (through the PayPal secure payment system). Once the payment is received, you can start your lessons. In some special cases, bank transfers are also accepted, but there might me some extras to pay and the time it takes to receive the paymen can be quite long.

4-Last minute bookings

Payments for last minute bookings are to be settled via Credit Card (through PayPal).


The schedule that is sent to you by your teacher at the time of booking confirmation is the final schedule of your course and it generally cannot be amended.

Any change of schedule must be agreed at least 24 hours in advance with your teacher, who may or may not accept the change. Should the change be unacceptable, the lesson will be lost. 

Any requests for rescheduling a lesson that are received less than 24 hours from the lessons start, will result in the lesson to be canceled.


Disputes: discussions that cannot be resolved between the two parties involved, and which require the intervention of a third party.

The teacher or student will promptly contact Full-immersion in case of disputes, Full-immersion will carefully analyse the situation as soon as possible.

Full-immersion shall decide what to do after consulting the parties involved, the parties accept that the decision taken by Full- immersion is final and incontrovertible.

Full-immersion will always operate for the good of all those involved and with the ultimate goal of safeguarding the reputation of the platform, and consequently of the teachers who collaborate with it.


In case a refund has been granted, this will be sent to the student within 45 days, directly by the teacher, and it will be sent via the most convenient mean (PayPal, Bank transfer, etc.).