Study English in the USA

The decision you have to make is – West or East?

So you want to learn English in the USA with other adults, right?

Is Your Answer ‘Yes’?

Excellent! We offer a great overview of the various options available!

Amongst our variety of choices, you will find a number of destinations and offers dedicated to adults from 18+ and also for those who are over 30. Be sure to keep an eye out for destinations that include ’30+’ or head straight to the section here: ENGLISH 30+ >>>

Treat yourself a fully immersed English Course in the United States and experience a once in a lifetime opportunity!

  • Beautiful destinations
  • Classes divided by starting level
  • Flexible duration
  • Start every Monday, year round

Prices, destinations and information about English Courses in the USA!



How does an English course work?

Firstly, English Courses can be held in Group or One to One format (private lessons – one student and one teacher), or you may also opt for a mix of both: Group + One to One – which students find extremely effective.

Group English Courses in the US are held in groups of approximately 10 international students, with classes being in the mornings and/or afternoons, between Monday to Friday.

The Courses are aimed at both adults 18+ and over 30 (ideal for adults who are over age 30, 40 and over 50):

  • General English and Intensive English – The ideal English Courses to improve all skills and practice in groups of international students.
  • English In The City – The ideal English Course combining structured linguistic practice with an in-depth exploration of cultural aspects of the chosen destination.
  • Exam Preparation Courses (TOEFL, FCECAE)- Tailor-made for those who want to achieve the best possible results in their certification tests.
  • One-to-One Lessons – Designed for students with specific and targeted needs.

When can I start my English Course?

You can choose to start your English Course in America every Monday, all year round and for a duration of your choosing – from 1 week to over 48 weeks.

Will it be the right choice for me?

The experiences we propose are aimed at motivated adults who are willing to invest spending a period of time abroad in order to improve their language skills. The English Courses are aimed at those who find that complete immersion in a language is the only way to truly learn.

Why choose an English course with Full-immersion?

Wondering why, in the jungle of educational offers in USA, you should choose to follow one of the courses offered by us of Full-immersion? Well, because we are really passionate about our work, we move independently in the jungle of EFL (English as a Foreign Language) with passion and attention to detail. In addition, our advice is completely free and personalized.

 We were among the first (if not the first ever) to have placed many energies and focus on the development of a section dedicated exclusively to adults aged 30 or more, and we are proud of it!

Unlike junior courses, the over 30 teaching offered in USA includes more structured routes, which are developed on themes and topics that are very different from the young versions. Also, as it is easy to imagine, students of English on their 30s (or 40s, or 50s… there is no limit to age) tend not to have the same capacity as assimilation when compared to younger people, so the didactic method varies greatly. Each English course in USA for adults provides language practice guided and a real immersion in contexts and real life situations.

How long for do I have to follow an English course in USA?

To answer we should know with some precision where you start and where you want to arrive. If you ask us how long it takes to reach Paris, there is no standard answer. Will you leave from Venice or from Moscow? Are you going to drive, or will you take the plane?
Translated into didactic terms: what is your goal? From which level do you share?

Interesting facts:

  • Statistically, with an English course in USA (30 lessons per week) one needs on average 7-8 weeks to complete a whole level, for example from Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate.
  • Each one-to-one lesson offers, in terms of growth, almost twice as much as the group lessons, but have a significantly higher cost.

Based on statistics, if your goal is to move from a Pre-intermediate level to an Upper-intermediate level (2 complete levels), you should estimate 14-16 weeks of group intensive course, or 9-10 weeks of one to one course.

How much does an English course in USA cost?

This is the question we are asked most frequently, and for good reason! The prices of English courses in USA vary slightly according to the destination chosen, the substantial difference is actually given by the accommodation you choose to associate with the course. If you have an independent accommodation solution, your English course in USA will have a fairly low cost. However, to simplify things we have thought of ourselves, our very simple calculation tools (available on each page “destination”) allow you to get a quote – or more quotes – for course and accommodation literally in a handful of seconds!