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We write, we post, we link… and we review your SEO

You can achieve A LOT from good links!

Good day,

And welcome to this web page, dedicated to our SEO services for the EFL world.

If you work in the Education industry, chances are that you’ve invested A LOT OF MONEY into building a modern website, but… very little for its online growth, care and placement. You may be investing in connections in the real, tangible world, but are you aware of the power of the virtual interconnections?

Yes, we know it, it’s an hectic industry and you’re busy working on other stuff.

There’s always a lot to do, every single day, agents, students, external providers, your own staff… one can’t really dedicate time to the “web growth” right? …Well, nope!!


You can ALWAYS grow your web presence in the background with small, targeted investments that pay on the mid and long run: SEO and Link Building for the EFL industry!

There are very few experts out there, working on the SEO for the Education industry, mainly because very few schools have invested in SEO and Link Building in the past, so there’s still a huge unexploited wave of potential in the SEO world… waiting to be surfed!

Today might be the right day to start your Link Building, a first easy step that will connect you with more clients and carve your online presence in the mid and long run.

Our offer is easy and straightforward, find it below.

Take care,


Marco Guiotto

Marco Guiotto

SEO Expert, EFL industry

Hi there, my name is Marco, I’ve been working in SEO and in the EFL indistry for about 10 years now. With Full-immersion we’re currently promoting some of the big names of the EFL industry in Malta, UK, Canada, USA and Ireland.

Few, simple services. You can even combine them...


Price to be arranged, typically starting at 1200€+ (normally ready in 1 week).


250€ for 1 article, 650€ for 3 articles (600 words minimum per article).


190€ for 1 article, 350€ for 3 articles (between 400-1200 words per article).

About SEO and Link Building for the EFL industry

Why quality linking is so important?

If you’ve ever read about link building for small businesses, you know that not all “links” are necessarily “good”, and that “good links” are hard to find. Coming from a reputable website of the EFL industry, our links are definitely good, and they can:

  • Enhance clients trust – people will browse the web looking for info about your school… are you trustworthy? Some people will check what other online entities think about you.
  • Refer quality traffic to your business website – traffic that might actually convert, cause it lands on your website from an article that anticipated what they’d find (referral traffic has a much higher conversion rate than organic traffic!).
  • Let Google know that there’s a reputable website linking to your website, and this increases Google’s own trust.
  • Up in 3 working days after payment, when article is provided by you.

To “wrap it up”: if you’re interested in increasing your online presence, with an article about your school on a reputable platform, send us your article, we will analyze it, check that it follows the below guidelines and publish it fast.


About the articles...

Articles must be

  • Relevant to the EFL industry.
  • Sent to us in English/Italian/Spanish or Portuguese.
  • Original, realistic and unpublished.
  • Contains max 2 links.


Multi-language needs?

Email us, we’ll send you a special quotation in a few hours, we can translate the articles in English/Italian/Spanish and/or Portuguese..



We’ve been a “start-up” years ago, we know what it means to have a limited budget for marketing. Count on us if you are a start-up and we’ll try to help you.

Payments and invoices?

For our mutual safety, payments are only accepted via the safe PayPal gateway / also accepts Credit Card. A regular EUROPEAN invoice with EU VAT n. will be provided for every purchase, so that you can claim your marketing expenses.

Ready to start?

Great! We’re making it easy for you.

No forms, no PDFs to download, simply connect with us via email and send us the articles you want us to upload or tell us your ideas, we’ll get back in a few hours with a proposal and a quote.

Write to: – make sure to include links, texts, etc. directly within the email body or our spam filter might bounce your email due if there are weird attachments 🙂

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